On the Right Track

Rayco’s horizonal grinder is now available in a self-propelled version that rides on a heavy-duty, steel track undercarriage. This makes moving the machine around job sites and performing tasks like windrowing material or sorting material into different piles easier. The grinder weighs just 20,500 pounds and is just under 8 feet wide. A wireless radio remote operates each track independently to provide precise control. Two-speed final drive allows for slow or high-speed travel. This product can produce high-quality mulch from a variety of wood waste materials, pallets, wood chips and more.


Make the Switch

The Switch-N-Go detachable body system/sprayer body makes it possible to detach and interchange truck bodies on one chassis. The sprayer body features a 900-plus-gallon capacity with two mix/application tanks, and can spray up to 85 feet high. Custom configurations are available in open top or fully enclosed models.


Silky Throws a Curve Ball

The new Silky Tsurugi Curve is a 330mm large teeth handsaw available from SherrillTree. Silky has enhanced the unique design of the straight Tsurugi into a curved blade. The result is a more aggressive blade that still fits tight crotches without damage to opposing limbs. The saw is well-balanced and lightweight. The comfortable two-part rubber grip is held together by an integration with the full tang blade. It comes in various blade lengths and has two teeth sizes with aluminum scabbard.


The Power of Premixed Fuel

ECHO introduces PowerFuel, a premixed fuel containing 93 octane gas and oil that is ready to use right out of the can. It contains no ethanol, is specifically developed at a 50:1 ratio and uses ECHO Red Armor Oil. PowerFuel stays stable for up to two years after opening. It also makes winter storage and maintenance easy, as it is not necessary to drain the tank unless it has remained in the tank for two or more years. PowerFuel is recommended for use in all air-cooled, two-stroke engines.


Vermeer Versatility

Vermeer Tier 4i HG6000 and HG6000TX horizontal grinders now feature the all-new chip drum, which allows the grinder to produce a consistent-sized chip necessary for many applications, including bio-fuel chip production. Another advantage is its ability to change chip size. Operators can add or remove spacers to achieve the desired chip size. The chip drum can produce chip sizes ranging from 0.125 to 1.50 inches with 0.125-inch increment adjustments. The serviceability also adds to the product. A number of high-wear areas of the drum are protected by hardened steel parts.