Get on Track

To create the Taz-Track 8635TK chipper, Salsco took its 7.5-foot-wide Model 8635K chipper and made it 35 inches wide. The new model has tracks, as well as a special trailer. Operators can chip right on the trailer and blow chips into the truck. By pulling one pin, users can drive the chipper off the trailer and through a 36-inch gate. This chipper is powered by a 35 hp Kubota diesel engine and can chip a full 6-inch-diameter log. It also features a 6-by-12-inch infeed opening and feed sensing.

Stay Sharp

Wood-Mizer Products now offers the IS203 industrial sharpener for thin-kerf blades. It can sharpen wide band blades from 1 to 3 inches. Adjustable arms and a blade support kit allow for accommodation of various blade lengths. The control station has a user-friendly interface. The tooth counter stops the sharpener when the blade is finished sharpening. Variable grinding speeds can be set. A 1 hp motor powers the 8-inch CBN grinding wheel that turns at 4,280 RPM. An inboard carbide scraper deburrs the blade teeth after sharpening. It also has a 2.5-gallon oil reservoir, oil pump and magnet filter tray to keep oil clean.

21-Ton Splitter

Echo Bear Cat announced the release of the LS21 21-ton log splitter. It can be used in the horizontal or vertical position, and the wider end plate increases stability during vertical operation. It is available with a range of options and kits to design a custom machine, including a log splitter cradle kit, quick split kit, cylinder brace kit, road-towable kit, four-way wedge kit and stripper plate kit. The new model features the 190cc Subaru OHC vertical engine with cast-iron cylinder liner. Storage is easy with the fold-up trailer tongue.

Self-Propelled Stump Cutter

Rayco Mfg. introduced the all-new RG1645S self-propelled stump cutter. This compact unit takes Rayco’s RG1645 platform to the next level of performance with a heavier cutter wheel and improved cutting torque. A swing-out operator control station allows for maximum visibility of the cutting action while keeping the operator shielded from chips and debris, and swings in line with the machine to pass through gates. Wider tires help to improve flotation and traction. Removal of the outer dual wheels allows passage through 36-inch gates. The RG1645S is powered by a 44 hp Kubota turbodiesel engine that meets Interim Tier 4 standards.

Grab It!

CEAttachments announced the EDGE Tree Puller/Grabbing Tool attachment for skid steer loaders. The standard-flow attachment features a single cylinder that opens its jaws to easily grab and pull fence posts, rebar, and invasive trees or shrubs (including roots) out of the ground. The jaws measure 27 inches in length and open to a maximum of 12 inches. It measures 34.5 inches long, 47.5 inches wide and 20 inches high. Three welded brackets secure the hydraulic hoses away from the jaws. Hoses and flat face couplers are standard.