Treat Your Engines Right

Briggs & Stratton Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer protects any gas engine, including two-cycle engines that use a blend of oil and gasoline, such as chain saws. It is aimed at stopping the harmful effects associated with ethanol blends. The product combines a triple antioxidant formula with additional ingredients to protect the entire fuel system, fighting the harmful effects of water separation. Corrosion inhibitors form a protective barrier on metal parts to prevent rust and corrosion, while detergent ingredients help prevent gum and varnish buildup on engine parts. A metal deactivator works to stop the chemical reactions caused by dissolved metal ions in the fuel.

Cutting Edge

As part of its VMLogix line, Loftness introduced the Carbide Cutter G3 mulching head attachment for skid steers. Available in 51, 61 and 71-inch cutting widths, it is offered with a variety of carbide-tipped and heat-treated steel teeth. The precisely engineered spiral tooth pattern on the rotor ensures continuous tooth contact with the material being cut. The two-stage cutting chamber with staggered counter teeth and a shear bar provide small particle sizes, while eliminating jamming and wrapping issues. An optional primary-stage shear bar is available. The mulching heads operate at 1,700 to 2,150 RPM and feature a four-groove banded belt drive with spring-loaded tensioner.

New ArborSoftWorx Platform

Creative Automation Solutions released the latest version of ArborSoftWorx Commercial, using Sybase as the new platform. Sybase, an SAP company, affords the end user speed in transaction processing and lookups, and support for Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems. It natively supports the 64-bit International Unicode standards and offers stability that requires virtually no database admin support. ArborSoftWorx is offered as a stand-alone or network installation on client-supplied equipment, or it can be hosted by CAS and accessed from anywhere, at any time, via secure connections.

Mulching Tractor

Fecon introduced the new FTX100 LGP mulching tractor, equipped with a 99 hp Kubota V3800 engine. With a heavier undercarriage than the original FTX100, it offers both 16 and 20-inch track shoe options in single or triple grouser. This allows the machine to be outfitted for rough terrain or soft ground conditions. The 20-inch-wide track option provides 4.4 PSI of ground pressure. With the standard quick-attach mounting system, the machine can be equipped with several forestry and construction attachments. Compact size and a weight of 14,950 pounds allow for easy transport with midsized trucks.

Total Tree Nutrition

BioNutrients Total-Pak Injectable from Growth Products contains a complete micronutrient package, along with a mix of beneficial microbes, symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi and other plant boosters. It promotes better establishment of transplants and improves the health and growth of both deciduous and evergreen trees. It includes 11 strains of endo and ectomycorrhizal fungi that colonize soil and improve a plant’s nutrient and mineral uptake and water absorption. It contains yeast and beneficial bacteria to promote soil health and plant vigor. The dry soluble product also includes biologically active soil conditioners, a natural wetting agent, humic acid, kelp extracts and seven micronutrients.