Magnum Force

Continental Biomass Industries introduced the Magnum Force Disc Chipper 754 and Flail 604 debarker/delimber. The 604 has a four-roll flail design engineered for high-volume debarking while reducing fiber loss, chain wear and fuel consumption. The system is completely enclosed, with no exposed drive components. The 754 uses a four-knife, 75-inch disc chipper, has a 26-inch feed opening and is designed to move the flail in the field. The chip discharge chute is remote-operated, camera-monitored and folds hydraulically for transport. Chips can be produced in sizes from 3/8 to 1 inch.

Sharp in Seconds

Chain saw users can precisely sharpen dull chain in as few as three to five seconds with the PowerSharp system, developed by Blount under its Oregon brand. Manufactured in a variety of configurations, PowerSharp fits most saws on the market, as well as models already in use. The portable system includes the PowerSharp chain, PowerSharp bar-mount sharpener and PowerSharp guide bar. Working together, these components provide a fast, simple method for sharpening saw chain with precision.

Heavy-Duty Splitter

The TM Heavy Duty by TM Mfg. is designed with a large, two-stage splitting wedge that makes the TM Skid Splitter a strong, fast skid splitter for logs of all sizes. The TM Heavy Duty is designed to be fast at splitting large rounds into pieces you can handle.

Cut Engine Emissions

The new MS 201 C-E chain saw from Stihl cuts engine emissions by 70 percent over previous models. Improved fuel efficiency delivers longer run times and helps reduce fuel costs. An improved air filtration system allows for 30 percent longer operation before filter maintenance is needed. Low vibration and improved ergonomics make the saw comfortable to operate longer. The Easy2Start system provides simplified startup, while the Master Control Lever gives operators convenient control over starting, operating and stopping.

Don’t Panic

The DC610 chipper from Altec Industries has electronic controls with diagnostics capabilities and features the Altec Panic Bar system, which provides a dedicated stop mechanism for the feed system, independent of the feed control bar. It is designed with a strong tubular frame and heavy-duty steel fenders. The “hedgehog” feed roller has an aggressive grip and secure feeding system. Road tires accommodate steady towing, but are soft on turf. With a 6-by-10-inch infeed throat capacity, forked branches can be chipped without extra cuts. Feedsense stops the hydraulic feed system if rpm drop below a certain level to prevent stalling.