Lucas portable sawmills come in 6, 8 and 10-inch models with a bevel siding attachment and 12-volt diamond wheel grinder for blade sharpening.


Offers eight firewood processors with a variety of specifications, and in portable, stationary, diesel, gas and electric models. Customization is available.


The 24 HPWS wood splitter is built with a single-stage pump, auto-cycle valve, 24 hp engine, 17-gallon gas tank and hydraulic wedge. It weighs over 2,000 pounds.


The EDGE Inverted Log Splitter is controlled from the cab and runs on 10 to 20 GPM of hydraulic flow. It lifts and splits logs up to 24 inches long in seconds.

Continental Biomass Industries

The CBI Log & Stump Screw is designed to split oversized logs and stumps into more manageable-sized material to be further processed into firewood and other products.

CRD Metalworks

The 20-inch-capacity splitter features push-button splitting, 5-inch cylinder, eight-way adjustable wedge and 11-foot integrated conveyor. Process two cords per hour.


The 2000LS-H horizontal log splitter can split in both directions and offers a seven-second cycle time, 160cc Honda engine and two-stage, 11 GPM hydraulic pump.

Echo Bear Cat

The LS21 and LS27 split logs up to 24 inches. They have 12 and 14-second cycle times, 30-inch bed height, Subaru engines and horizontal and vertical operating positions.


The SM 2186 is a portable, one-person sawmill equipped with a rolling carriage, two 10-foot log bed tracks and a Jonsered chain saw with narrow-kerf chain.


The Multitek 1620 SS firewood processor features a fast cycle time; 40-inch, carbide-tipped circular saw; and a fuel-efficient, 35 hp diesel engine.


Log splitters offer fast cycle times for more productivity and a built-in log cradle. Available in 28-ton, 22-ton and 6-ton models with multiple engine options.

Peterson Portable Sawmills

Manufactures manual and auto- mated portable sawmills. The all- terrain sawmill can be set up anywhere. Transport it on a trailer or in the back of a pickup truck.


The LS-28 is designed to maximize wood grinder or chipper efficiency by splitting oversized round wood prior to processing. For excavators, skid steers and more.

Ryan’s Equipment

The Kraken splits large logs into manageable sizes. Weighing 1,300 pounds, it features 110-degree rotation and a 5-by-24-inch cylinder with 3-inch rod.

Shaver Mfg.

SL-Series log splitters split or quarter logs up to 14 inches in diameter in seconds. Tractor and skid steer-mounted splitters come in two models to cut logs up to 36 inches long.


The TW-5 delivers 25 tons of splitting force and has a 337cc engine, 22 GPM pump, standard four-way wedge and optional hydraulic log lift and table grate.

TM Mfg.

The TM commercial-grade splitter for skid steers comes in 24, 30 and 36-inch sizes with a viewing window, 8-inch-wide splitting wings and carbon steel splitting wedge.


The WP wood processor has a four-way splitter that continuously piles firewood where you want it. It folds to a compact size and can be towed behind a vehicle.

Wood Beaver

The PTO-driven Model 16 cuts material up to 16 inches in diameter and splits wood from 12 to 24-inch lengths. Cuts one to two full cords per hour (128 cubic feet).

Wood-Mizer Products

The Wood-Mizer LT10 personal sawmill has heavy-duty ball bearing rollers to ensure smooth operation and zinc-coated, rust-resistant bed and log clamps.