Bandit Enters Partnership With New River Equipment

As of November 1, The Revolution stump grinder cutter wheel from New River Equipment Corp. is available through Bandit Industries. Bandit has partnered with New River Equipment to distribute The Revolution wheel and associated parts, including the SaberTooth cutting teeth, for most stump grinder makes and models. It is available from Bandit or through any Bandit dealer as well as from New River Equipment. Bandit-specific wheels and parts are available only through Bandit.

The Revolution cutter wheel is also now standard equipment for all new Bandit stump grinders. Owners of older Bandit stump grinders can purchase The Revolution as an upgrade.

“The Revolution really is a revolution in stump grinding,” said Mark DiSalvo, knife and wear parts manager for Bandit Industries. “This wheel really builds on the previous success of the DuraDisk II, perfecting the design to create a system that cuts better with less component wear. Users will immediately notice how much smoother The Revolution is to use, and they’ll also find it does a far better job of containing chips than anything else on the market.”