Chain Saws


The CS-550P features a 54.1cc engine, Performance Cutting System, decompression valve, digital ignition system and G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner.


The 12.1-pound 156 offers a 4.1 hp, 56.5cc engine and anti-vibration system that completely isolates the engine and handle units for reduced vibrations.


The 562 XP is equipped with a 4.7 hp, 59.8cc X-Torq engine, slender chassis, Revboost to briefly increase chain speed, gyro force technology and captive bar nuts.


Offers a full line of saws, including eight Ulticor professional models from 39 to 88cc with high power-to-weight ratios, low vibration and ergonomic design.


The G5300 includes the MaxLogic ignition system that provides quick, easy starts with fast acceleration. It can accommodate 16, 18 and 20-inch bars.


The MS 261 and MS 261 C-Q feature reduced emissions, decompression valve, Quickstop Plus, side-access chain tensioner, captive bar nuts and translucent fuel tank.

Tree Shears


The EDGE Tree Shear has AR400 high-tensile steel blades that can cut trees up to 14 inches in one snip. The blades are easily adjustable and single-edged.


The TS/SSL with 15-inch capacity runs on a skid steer’s standard-flow auxiliary hydraulics and has bunching and accumulating capabilities.


Three tree shears for excavators have cutting capacities of 14, 15 and 16 inches. Single and dual-knife models for skid steers have adjustable AR400 steel knives.

Ryan’s Equip.

The 15-inch feller bunching shear comes standard with a diverter valve, dual grabber arms and one accumulator arm. It requires low-flow hydraulics.



PowerSharp is a precision sharpening system. Available for most saw brands, the top-sharpening cutters allow chain to be sharpened in as little as three seconds.


Rapco’s carbide chain is engineered for adverse cutting conditions and can be used for a variety of cutting applications.


The Franzen chain sharpening machine is fully automated to sharpen chain in minutes, easy to use and virtually maintenance-free.