ALLU Group

The ALLU D-Series Screener Crusher Bucketattachment is available in more than 60 models to fitany excavator, wheel loader, skid steer or backhoe andprocess wet or dry material from .60 inch to 6 inches.

Bandit Industries

Beast XP-Series Horizontal Grinders easily processcoastal vegetation such as palm fronds, vines andother stringy material. Models range from compactModel 1680XP to the 1,000 hp Model 4680XP.

Blockbuster Inc.

Blockbuster Inc. offers eight different sizes offirewood processors with a variety of specifications.Customized machines available to fit customers’needs.

Continental Biomass Industries

The Magnum Force 5800 grinder is powered by aCAT C-18, 765-hp engine and weighs 64,850 pounds,and features the capability of producing up to 100tons per hour.


Dosko’s 4-inch portable chipper model 13-21T-13H is a belt-driven, gravity-fed unit. It measures 32inches wide, is powered by a Honda GX390 engineand features a reversible double-edge cutting knife.

DuraTech Industries

DuraTech’s 5064 Horizontal Grinder is availableon a truck or trailer with three different levels ofCAT Tier III hp. The large feed opening and 64-inchhammermill maximize grinding capacity.

Echo Bear Cat

The LS27 log splitter handles logs up to 24 incheslong and has a 30-inch bed height, horizontal andvertical operating positions for dual-applicationoptions and 4.5-gallon hydraulic system.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment

The Hud-Son Edger 1913 features a 13-hp engine,two thin kerf carbide-tipped split saw blades and atwo-speed machine feed roller system that preventsboards from slipping during operation.

Iron & Oak

The BHVH2613GXD 26-ton horizontal/verticallog splitter is powered by a commercial HondaGX270 engine and features a Duro-Glide systemand standard log dislodger.

Jackson LumberHarvester Co.

Jackson Wood Shaving Mills are available in fivemodels and produce shavings from logs or slabs.Jackson also manufactures Webb Burner Solid-fuelCombustion systems for drying wood shavings.


The Multitek 1620 SS firewood processor featuresa fast cycle time; a 40-inch, carbide-tipped circularsaw; and a fuel-efficient, 35-hp diesel engine.


The redesigned 30/36 Whole Tree DrumChipper is easier to feed, easier to maneuver witha truck or skidder and is more productive than theprevious model while increasing consistency ofthe end product.

Norwood Sawmills USA, Inc.

Offering portable sawmills, including theLumberPro HD36, which cuts logs up to 36 incheswide, and the LumberMate LM29, which cuts logsup to 29 inches wide.


The RH1754 Horizontal Grinder is now availablein a self-propelled version with a wireless radioremote to operate each track independently. Twospeed final drives allow for creep speed or highspeed travel.