Compact Processor

Timberwolf’s new TW PRO-MP compact firewood processor, rated at 3.5 cords per hour, has a fast-clamping Top Roll system and feed roller to handle odd or crooked logs. It features a hydraulic cut-off saw with a 6-second cycle time and a 36 hp Yanmar engine. Options include an operator seat, a six-way wedge and choice of ball or pintle hitch.

Under Pressure?

Mustang Mfg. Co. has upgraded its air conditioning/heater system to create an optional pressurized cab for its three compact track loader models—MTL16, MTL20 and MTL25. With updated interior ducting, the Generation II air-conditioning/heater features six new adjustable louvers, allowing the operator to control the amount and direction of airflow. A special defroster vent located near the front of the cab door helps maintain optimum visibility during cold weather.

Get a Grip

The Exca-Beak from Daniel Mfg. is a new grapple system for compact excavators and loader backhoes. When attached, the Exca-Beak allows the machine’s bucket to have full operating range. It is available in all quick-attach styles and can be supplied in pin-on configuration. Designed for feeding chippers or tub grinders, firewood processing and more.

Grappling With Debris

Two new industrial grapple rakes from Caterpillar equip skid steer loaders and multi-terrain loaders for debris cleanup and land-clearing tasks. Each of the bucket-like rakes features tines on the floor to allow dirt and small material to sift through while catching large material. Hydraulically operated, dual independent grapple assemblies clamp and hold irregularly shaped materials.

The 72-inch rake has nine tines and the 84-inch rake has 11. The grapples open vertically to 37 inches to grab large objects, and clamping force is 2,250 pounds per grapple. Balanced and synchronized hydraulics ensure smooth grapple clamping while preventing drift. The Caterpillar XT-3 ES hydraulic hose with Cordura resists damage and leaks.

Plant a Tree

Dakota Peat & Equipment has introduced the remote-controlled Model 65 Tree Transplanter, which allows operators to transplant from anywhere on a job site. The Model 65 cuts a 65-inch hole and features externally mounted gate cylinders, designed to eliminate ledges and corners that collect debris. This industrial-grade transplanter features a no-lube lift track and blades with replaceable cutting edges made of wear-resistant materials.

The transplanter uses high-grade materials that are finished with powder-coated paint to provide a durable exterior finish. The Model 65 also features separate water and hydraulic tanks with a hydraulic water pump.

Backsaver Combo

The new TW-236 log splitter from Timberwolf is designed specifically for outdoor furnace users. With its extended 36-inch bed, the TW-236 will make short work of longer logs, allowing operators to produce more split wood at a record pace. The TW-236 is powered by a 9 hp, Honda OHV engine. Available options include a four-way wedge to reduce splitting time, as well as a log lift and table grate designed to reduce strain and increase productivity.

Stumps Beware

Grind Zero’s new zero-turn stump grinder features wireless radio remote control, dual wheels, proportional hydraulics, a 1-inch-thick cutter wheel and a 21-inch-thick cutting disk. The self-propelled grinder can fit through a 36-inch gate opening, maneuvers easily into tight spots, has a 14-foot turning radius and can travel up to 3 mph. Available engines from Briggs & Stratton or Kohler include 31, 35 and 38 hp options.

Skinny Skid Steer

The S100 skid steer loader from Bobcat Co. features a 1,000-pound rated operating capacity, a spacious cab and a completely new instrument panel. The S100 is 50 inches wide with bucket, has a lift height of 8 feet 6 inches and an operating weight of 4,110 pounds. It can travel up to 6.5 mph and has a 13.1 GPM hydraulic pump capacity.

The loader’s four-cylinder, 33.5 hp, diesel engine is transversely mounted, which allows the machine to be equipped with the same belt drive system as other Bobcat skid steer loaders for powering the hydrostatic drive system and hydraulic pumps.

Over 35 attachments are approved for the S100, and can be put on quickly with the standard Bob-Tach mounting system.

Make Tracks

The F-Series steel track system by Loegering Mfg. provides traction while increasing flotation. This over-the-tire system provides the most pad-to-ground contact for maximum flotation and features a double-pivot design, which makes it easy to maneuver. The track system features hammer-forged steel pads, which provide the most wear-resistant pad bottom, and is equipped with threaded DuraPins for longer life and ease of replacement. Each component of the system is individually hardened before assembly to increase durability and longevity.

Turbo Time

The DK90 tractor from Kioti features a 90 hp, 268-cubic-inch, turbocharged, Perkins diesel engine and 16 shuttle gears. An available front-end loader and other implements attach easily to a stabilized, telescopic, three-point hitch.

The DK90’s one-lever joystick simplifies loader control. Standard features include a rear differential lock, auto PTO switch, wet disc brakes and on-demand, electric-control, four-wheel drive.

The cab of the DK90 offers a suspension seat, power steering, a tilting wheel, air conditioning and a radio/CD player.  

Defend Your Trees

Bayer Environmental Science’s CoreTect tablets can be used during tree and shrub installation or on established plants. The product combines Merit insecticide with a fertilizer in convenient, easy-to-use tablets.  

When plants are under stress, photosynthesis, water use and respiration become inefficient. CoreTect systemically triggers enzymatic pathways that produce antioxidants, resulting in better stress defense and more efficient use of nutrients and water.

CoreTect’s controlled-release formulation provides long residual control of insect pests such as adelgids, whiteflies, borers and leaf-feeding beetles.

Going Solo

Weighing in at 13.9 pounds, the new Solo 681 chain saw can handle a 36-inch guidebar and delivers 6.4 hp with an 80.7cc, gas-fired, two-cycle engine. This model also features an advanced vibration isolation system, a maintenance-free ignition system and a 25.4-ounce tank capacity.