Multipurpose Machine

Vermeer’s FT100 forestry tractor, equipped with an aboveground mulcher, isa 111-hp Tier 4 Interim (Stage IIIB) skid steer loader with a forestry mulcherattachment. The hydraulic system on the FT100 optimizes the horsepowerdelivered to the mulching head and provides improved hydraulic componentlife by utilizing a higher flow with less pressure.

The attachment features a ringed rotor design for controlled depth of cut.The ringed rotor has 18 disks with 17 interchangeable tips to help achievesmaller, consistent-sized chips, and the four different tip options allow theringed rotor configuration to be adjusted to match several different applicationsand environmental conditions.

The fully enclosed cab protects the operator from outside dust and woodparticles while the FT100 is in operation. The cab is pressurized and circulatesfiltered air for operator comfort. A rearview camera with in-cab monitorcomes standard.

Simple Wood Splitting

Fecon’s excavator-mounted Log Jaw WoodSplitter is a hydraulic-powered wood splittingattachment that is also made for skid steers andloaders. The Log Jaw will rip apart large-diameterlogs and stumps intomanageable pieces forchippers, wood grindersor for firewoodprocessing.

The Log Jaw attachmenthas a 40-inchjaw opening (tip totip) and 360 degreesof rotation, allowingthe operator to attackoversized wood fromany angle. Made for8- to 16-ton excavators,a mount will bebuilt to an excavator’sspecifications for easyinstallation.

Mow Down Brush and Weeds

CEAttachments has added the 72-inch High-Flowmodel to its EDGE Rotary Brush lineup of mowerattachments for skid steers and track loaders.

These machines are designed to cut through thethickest brush and glide over rough terrain withease, and can handle heavy weeds, undergrowth,brush, and small saplings up to 4 inches in diameter.

The new Model RM72H features a direct-drivehydraulic motor requiring 30- to 40- gpm hydraulicflow and a heavy-duty stump jumper. The twoheavy-duty steel blades and a 72-inch working widthdeck mow down overgrown brush in one swipe.

Bandit’s New Beasts

New options and designs are now available for the Model 2680XP, 3680XPand 4680XP Beast Recyclers from Bandit Industries.

The changes begin with the cuttermill, which features a 30-tooth setup with2-inch-wide teeth as opposed to the standard 60-tooth, 1-inch-wide arrangement.The mill rpm has also been increased, which helps clear the mill faster, while themill housing itself is opened up.

A new proportional drive system for hydraulics on the Beast’s feed system willhelp deliver maximum feeding rates without overfeeding the machine, and willmonitor engine loads and automatically adjust the feed rate to match. The newsystem has the ability to not only proportionally feed, but can also switch feedspeeds with the touch of a button.