According to Dr. Clifford Sadof, professor of Ornamental Pest Management at Purdue University and an emerald ash borer expert, the use of products that have emamectin benzoate as the active ingredient have become the most successful and reliable way to fight EAB, in terms of trunk injections. This approach requires puncturing or drilling the holes, which can cause internal damage to the trunk.

The most tested of these products, Sadof told Tree Services in December of 2014, is TREE-age, a product made by Arborjet. McCullough called this product a “game changer” when it received expanded label approval by the Environmental Protection Agency a few years ago.

A short-term strategy to combat EAB could include offering treatments to protect ash trees and being prepared to do more removals as ash trees become too afflicted to save.


Sadof also pointed to ArborMectin, which also has emamectin benzoate as the active ingredient, that is used for two-year control of keys pests such as EAB.

Another product, TreeAzin, is organically approved and has azadirachtin as its active ingredient. It was originally a Canadian product and it provides up to two-years’ protection.

Insecticides that can effectively control EAB fall into four categories:

  1. Systemic insecticides that are applied as soil injections or drenches
  2. Systemic insecticides applied as trunk injections
  3. Systemic insecticides applied as lower trunk sprays
  4. Protective cover sprays that are applied to the trunk, main branches and (depending on the label) foliage

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