NutriRoot is a two-part formulamade up of a nutrient pack and watermanager that can be used at planting oras maintenance to mature trees, shrubs,landscape plants and turf.

Creative Sales

Medicap MD is a special formulation of highly water-soluble nutrients designed to stimulate tree growth. The implant treatment is suitable for both fruit and ornamental trees.

Green Pro Solutions

Green Pro Solutions offers a fender-mounted pump and hose reel thatquick-connects to a sprayer tank. Canbe installed and removed by one person.

Lutz Corp.

Offering tree nutrient deficiencyspikes including iron chlorosis spikes(16 percent iron sulfate, 4.8 percent sulfurand 5 percent nitrogen) for treatingyellowing pin oak, elm, magnolia, pine,silver maple and more.

Northeastern Arborist Supply

Designs and builds tree and turfsprayers in all sizes to customerspecifications. Also offers standardmodels. Sprayers feature up-to-datecomponents.


The EZ-Ject Soil Injector is a portable,heavy-duty unit for pesticide andfertilizer applications under the soilsurface. Features include a replaceable1-gallon container that interchangeswith zero leakage.


Doggett’s slow-releasefertilizer formulationsare now available ineasy-application liquids.Their 100 percent solubleliquid Arbor 20-0-6 is acomplete fertilizer packagewith micronutrients anda 50 percent slow-releaseformulation.


Gregson-Clark specializes in commercialspraying equipment for professionalarborists. Our products includeskid sprayers ranging from 50 to 300gallons; modular, multi-tank IPM systems;and complete custom trucks.


Abacide 2 insecticide, which featuresnew higher dose rates, providesmulti-year protection for forest, woodland,Christmas and ornamental trees.Provides protection against coniferbeetles and invasive insects.


SherrillTree offers a broad range ofplant health products including fertilizers,insecticides and fungicides, as wellas multiple application methods rangingfrom backpack sprayers to sprayrig trucks.


Spot sprayers are available with 50 and100-gallon tanks and feature polyethylene tankconstruction, 50-foot hoses on 100-foot capacityhose reels and long spray wands with triggeractuation.

Vitamin Institute

Superthrive maximizes plant potential bybuilding a strong root base and reducing transplantshock. The formula, which has beenavailable since 1940, added kelp in 2013. Dosagefor most uses: .25 teaspoon per gallon of water.

The October issue will focus on Aerial Lifts, Cranes, Grapples and Forestry Bodies.