TREE-äge kills emerald ash borer larvae and adults and can be administered with the environmentally safe TREE I.V. or QUIK-jet injection devices.


Pointer Insecticide controls emerald ash borers and other borers, beetles and aphids. Apply with the Wedgle Direct-Inject no-drill injection system.

Creative Sales

ACECAP systemic tree implants contain 99 percent acephate, an insecticide with no use restrictions, to kill a variety of destructive tree pests.


The BugBarrier Tree Band is pesticide and pheromone-free, consisting of a flexible fiber barrier that wraps around the tree and an adhesive film.

Great Oak

DeerPro winter animal repellent deters deer with thiram as the active ingredient. One application in the fall will provide protection all winter long.

Green Pro Solutions

Pumptec electric pumps are durable and rebuildable and can be combined with existing tanks or incorporated into a complete sprayer unit.


Specializes in tree sprayers from pickup-mounted skid sprayers to complete truck systems. All tanks available with pump capacities up to 64 GPM, 700 PSI.

H.D. Hudson

The 18537 Power Sprayer features a four-speed spray range, 5.75-inch tank opening, filter, 25-liter tank and adjustable, padded shoulder straps.

Northeastern Arborist Supply

Customsprayers—choosetank size, tank type (poly or fiber-glass), engine hp, type and size of regulator, reels, hoses, feeder tubes and spray guns.

PBM Supply & Mfg.

Direct-Injection Skid Sprayers allow chemicals to be injected directly into the line for more accurate mixture calculation and precision rate application.


PureSpray is a 99.9 percent pure spray oil that provides effective control of pests and fungi while minimizing phytotoxicity. No harmful aromatics.

Rainbow Treecare

Lepitect can be injected into the soil or directly into the tree and controls a variety of pests, including caterpillars, spider mites and Japanese beetles.

Really Innovations

The Groundtamer is available with 50 to 150-gallon tanks, 3 to 9 hp pumps and optional hose reels and tree guns. Custom-designed for utility vehicles.


Commercial sprayers range from 100 to 1,000-gallon sizes, with dual-tank and multi-tank spray systems available. Lightweight aluminum frames.