TREE-äge insecticide is labeled for broad-spectrum insect control including bark beetles, caterpillars, coneworm and more. It has proven in independent studies to have high levels of efficacy and two-year control against EAB.


ArborSystems’ ready-to-use systemic antibiotic direct-inject chemical line is for use in their Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Injection System. The new antibiotic line has two chemical products for trunk injection treatment.

Creative Sales, Inc.

ACECAP systemic insecticide tree implants contain 99 percent acephate for season-long control of many tree pests, including emerald ash borer, aphids, bagworms, caterpillars and gypsy moths.

Envirometrics Systems USA

The BugBarrier Tree Band is a pesticide-free, pheromone-free adhesive banding system. Its dense, flexible fiber barrier fills bark crevices. An adhesive film barrier is installed over the fiber with the adhesive side facing the tree.

Lutz Corp.

Offering tree nutrient deficiency spikes including iron chlorosis spikes (16 percent iron sulfate, 4.8 percent sulfur and 5 percent nitrogen) for treating yellowing pin oak, elm, magnolia, pine, silver maple and more.


Abacide 2 is an insecticide that features new higher dose rates and provides multiyear protection against conifer bark beetles and other invasive insects. Can be used to prevent future attacks or battle early stages of an infestation.

Quest Products

Reliant systemic fungicide controls a variety of plant and tree diseases, such as Phytophthora, Phytophthora ramorum (SOD), apple scab, fire blight and many other diseases that affect trees. Application methods are flexible.

Valent Professional Products

Safari Insecticide controls emerald ash borer, hemlock woolly adelgid, lace bug, leaf miner, whiteflies and more. Available as a soil drench, soil injection or basal trunk spray.