• When drafting best business practices, policies regarding sales, finance and operations all come into play.
  • Ensuring that knowledgeable people are conducting sales and estimating functions is essential.
  • Written estimates, with terms clearly expressed, avoid future misunderstandings and negative word of mouth.
  • Ensure that financial management and handling functions, including payroll, banking, insurance and taxes, are performed by professionals who continually upgrade skills and knowledge.
  • Adhere to acceptable arboricultural practices and comply with appropriate associations and regulatory agencies.
  • Facilitating the entire team’s professional certifications is a plus for any tree care company. The International Society of Arboriculture urges firms to avoid conflicts of interest and respect proprietary and sensitive information.
  • The ISA suggests that arborists and tree care professionals recognize their limitations and decline work that is out of their expertise and experience levels—a quality referral makes a better lasting impression than a poorly executed job.

When all is said and done, a well-planned business practices philosophy can translate into bottom line success.

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