New Tree Shears

Fecon has introduced three new tree shears, the FBS1400EXC and FBS1500EXC for 12 to 18-ton excavators with 15 to 20 GPM, and the FBS1600EXC for excavators over 20 tons. The FBS1400EXC weighs 2,000 pounds, features a single-knife cutting system and can shear trees up to 14 inches in diameter. The FBS1500EXC features a dual-knife cutting system, shears trees up to 15 inches in diameter and weighs 2,100 pounds. The 3,500-pound FBS1600EXC can shear trees up to 16 inches in diameter. All three feature grabber arms that work in conjunction with the knife system and acting accumulating arm for bunching trees.

Stay on Track

Morbark has added two new mobile grinders to its lineup. The customizable 1300B Track Tub Grinder is equipped with a 330L Caterpillar undercarriage, hydraulic augers, laser-cut hammermill and Iqan feed system. The 3800 Track Wood Hog horizontal grinder offers a factory-balanced hammermill with forged hammers, an interplanetary drive, 320L Caterpillar tracks and Iqan feed system.

Lava Rope

SherillTree’s new Lava rope features New England Rope’s FlexiFirm Core Technology. This low-stretch, double-braid rope stays round and firm under load, improving friction hitch performance. Lava features a “magma strand” that provides support and density to both core and mantle. It provides traction to both split-tails and ascenders and can be eye-spliced at both ends. Its small size and sleek jacket allow it to flow through a variety of modern mechanical devices.

Fight EAB

Arborjet’s TREE-äge is an emamectin benzoate-based pesticide that can be used to control emerald ash borer. The active ingredient eliminates existing populations of insect pests and provides multiyear protection against new infestations. TREE-äge works best as a proactive treatment, but is also effective against mild to moderate infestations. It is administered using Arborjet’s TREE I.V. or QUIK-jet trunk injection devices, which deliver the pesticide to the tree’s vascular tissue.