Dual-Purpose Pruning Saw

Silky’s new Yamabico 330 is a dual-purpose pruning saw with both fine (8 teeth per inch) and coarse (5 teeth per inch) teeth on one 13-inch, mono-constructed blade. Fine teeth are located on the back of the blade for undercutting. These back teeth can be used to cut the branch on the underside, avoiding splitting and leaving a smooth surface. The saw is equipped with a rust-resistant, hard chrome-plated, taper-ground blade with an impulse-hardened, nonset tooth design. The blade resists the effects of tree resin and wipes clean easily. A nonslip rubber handle absorbs vibration and reduces work fatigue.

Spray Away

Hudson’s new 3.5-gallon capacity Spray Thick curing compound sprayer is designed to spray up to 35 percent solids. The discharge assembly includes a brass Thrustless instant shutoff valve with steel shroud, 24-inch brass spray wand, 48-inch chemical-resistant hose and two brass TeeJet fan nozzles. The extra-long brass pump pressurizes the tank while keeping dirt out. The sprayer is built with Viton O-rings and gaskets, and a rust-resistant, galvanized steel tank.

Winged Warrior

The Warrior from T.M. WoodSplitter quickly makes small logs. The optional four-way splitting wings can be removed to accommodate larger logs. It is 80 inches long, weighs about 575 pounds and features a 24-inch stroke and 4-inch cylinder bore.

Take it Easy

The Easy-Lift Harness is a “lift-assist” harness developed for the landscape and arborist industries. Its ergonomic design makes trimming and pruning easier by reducing stress and fatigue on the operator. It can lift up to 100 percent of an implement’s weight, giving the operator maximum maneuverability. The harness can be used with an extended power hedger, power pole pruner, line trimmer or stick edger.

(Note: Photo is for demonstration purposes with no actal cutting involved. Please be sure to use all appropriate safety equipment when trimming and pruning.)


Signature Flooring Systems has introduced DuraDeck, a line of heavy-duty ground protection and access mats. DD1 is a .5-inch thick, recycled polyethylene plastic mat for protecting surfaces from damage by vehicles and equipment. Each 4-by-8-foot mat can support vehicles up to 60 tons. Mats are connected to form a continuous roadway or platform of nearly any size. The flexible DD1 mats feature a rugged traction design on both sides, are weatherproof and can withstand extreme temperatures. A flat, nonslip, pedestrian-friendly surface is found on one side of DD2 mats and both sides of the DD3. Water, chemical and UV-resistant, the mats can be cleaned with a hose or pressure washer.