Oh Boy!

The four-wheel drive Geo-Boy brush cutter tractor from Jarraff Industries features an articulated undercarriage that allows for precise control and movement, as well as a low ground pressure rating. It is available with 200 and 250 hp engine options. An ergonomically designed cab puts all controls within reach of the operator. The Fecon cutter head shreds and clears dense brush, undergrowth, whole trees and more.

Curved Handsaw

Silky’s new NATANOKO 2000 curved handsaw is equipped with a chrome-plated, taper-ground, 13-inch blade with a low-angle curve that enables smooth cutting. The blade is monoconstructed, giving strength and flexibility to the full length of the saw. A comfortable, nonslip rubber handle absorbs vibration, reduces work fatigue and provides superior grip when hands are wet or wearing gloves.

Defend Your Trees

Bayer Environmental Science’s CoreTect tablets can be used during tree and shrub installation or on established plants. The product combines Merit insecticide with a fertilizer in convenient, easy-to-use tablets.  

When plants are under stress, photosynthesis, water use and respiration become inefficient. CoreTect systemically triggers enzymatic pathways that produce antioxidants, resulting in better stress defense and more efficient use of nutrients and water.
CoreTect’s controlled-release formulation provides long residual control of insect pests such as adelgids, whiteflies, borers and leaf-feeding beetles.

Protect Your Pines

Pinetect is a tree injection product that is used to preventively treat pines that are susceptible to pine wilt nematode. Optimal results occur when Pinetect is applied in the spring, prior to adult flight of the pine sawyer beetle. Rainbow distributes the Pine Infuser injection system that can be used to apply Pinetect. Pinetect follows the application procedures and dosage rates developed by Kansas State University.

Chipper Tools

Fecon’s new chipper knife tools for the Bull Hog Mulcher cut 25 to 50 percent faster and use less horsepower than its standard double carbide-tipped tools. The chipper knife holder bolts directly onto the Bull Hog’s rotor drum. Tools can be replaced with an impact wrench.

Track This Down

Fecon has introduced the FTX148L Track Carrier, equipped with a Caterpillar C4.4 engine, Fecon’s Power Management and the Bull Hog Mulcher. Features include a large cab with side door entry, different undercarriage options, and loader arms with reach and versatility to run more attachments. The FTX148-L weighs about 16,300 pounds with the mulcher.

Son of a Beast

Bandit’s new compact grinder, the 1680 Sharptooth Beast Recycler, is easy to maneuver and tow. Featuring a 52-by-24-inch infeed opening, the unit weighs in under 20,000 pounds and rides on two 10,000-pound Torflex axles for easy transport. The 1680 also features 26 cutter bodies with teeth, engine options up to 275 hp and an optional 36-inch, hydraulic, folding infeed pan.

Loaders Galore

Caterpillar has introduced the B2 Series of six skid steer loaders and two multi-terrain loaders, featuring ergonomic operator stations and high-performance power trains. The new skid steer loaders range in rated operating capacity from 1,400 to 2,500 pounds, while the multi-terrain loaders have capacities of 2,050 and 2,500 pounds.

Four cab option packages allow selection from a basic cab to one with suspension seat, cab debris barrier, cup holder, heater/air conditioner, cab door and side windows. Three control option packages run from a basic design to one with high-flow joystick options.

The radial lift design on four of the machines delivers excellent digging performance. The other four have a vertical lift design, which provides extended reach and lift height for quick and easy truck loading. A single-level suspension undercarriage provides low ground pressure, stability, high traction and fast travel.

Trench It!

The Zahn R150 trencher from Ditch Witch is 36 inches wide and features a 15 hp, gas-powered Honda engine, electronic throttle and auto choke (on electric-start models).

Different tires are available depending on applications or job site conditions, including 18-inch, air-filled tires and 18-inch, urethane-filled, flat-proof tires to provide additional stability when trenching. The R150 has one ground drive speed of 3.3 mph, optimized for trenching.

Reach for the Sky!

The lightweight Easy-Lift Harness from TAS Industries is designed for use with extended hedge trimmers, pole pruners, extended power pole pruners, line trimmers and stick edgers. The harness helps to reduce stress and fatigue and increase productivity. The Easy-Lift can lift up to 100 percent of an implement’s weight.

The ergonomic design encourages the user to have proper posture while providing a full range of motion for the implement in use. It is adjustable for the height of the operator, can be folded for easy transportation and storage, and can be adjusted for use with different implements.

Lightning Line

SherrillTree’s new .5-inch Lightning climbing line features SmartCore technology and is 20 percent lighter than comparable .5-inch lines. Benefits include less weight to lift with each footlock, and less mass to pack to and around the work site, and it is also easier to pull up into the canopy and move through it quickly, all with an easily gripped diameter. The Lightning is a 16-strand construction rope, so it can be ordered with an eye splice. In addition, it is available in three different colors, allowing individual climbers on a crew to keep track of their own line or distinguish between ropes when tied in to multiple points. The Lightning is compatible with most handled and foot ascenders.

Time to Split

Timberwolf’s TW-HV1 horizontal or vertical splitter can split a wide variety of logs with 20 tons of splitting force generated by a Honda OHV GX engine.

The TW-HV1 also features 13-second cycle time, stripper to eliminate stuck logs, 15-gallon hydraulic tank, log cradle to stabilize logs for hands-free splitting, powder-coated finish and a tow-ready, 2-inch ball coupler with safety chains.

700 Series

Compact Power has introduced the 700 Series Compact Utility Loaders, the 726DT, 732DT and the 749DT. The loaders feature diesel engines from 26 to 49 hp, hydrostatic transmission, four-wheel drive, user-friendly controls and an ergonomic suspension seat. Designed with a telescopic arm, the hinge pin height is able to reach over 8 feet for the 726DT, over 9 feet for the 732DT and over 12 feet for the 749DT. These loaders also offer high lifting capacities and breakout forces.  

Spray Away

Hudson’s new 3-gallon capacity Super Sprayer is built with Viton O-rings and gaskets that stand up to harsh chemicals. The metal-free sprayer features professional-grade flat fan and cone-pattern nozzles, Kem Oil 250 chemical-resistant hose, poly pump, heavy-duty angled wand, large comfort-grip shutoff and lightweight, translucent tank.

Deep Dripping

New Deep Drip tree watering stakes from Underhill apply water, oxygen and fertilizer directly to rootzones. The 1-inch wide stakes are available in three lengths—14, 24 and 36 inches—and include a slotted cap for easy drip line attachment. The tapered stake heads feature a perforated lower shaft for water and fertilizer saturation. An internal filter keeps out rocks and dirt. The stakes are made of tough ABS plastic and have a UV-protected ABS cap and a reinforced ABS tip with internal ribbing.


Signature Flooring Systems has introduced DuraDeck, a line of heavy-duty ground protection and access mats. DD1 is a .5-inch thick, recycled polyethylene plastic mat for protecting surfaces from damage by vehicles and equipment. Each 4-by-8-foot mat can support vehicles up to 60 tons. Mats are connected to form a continuous roadway or platform of nearly any size. The flexible DD1 mats feature a rugged traction design on both sides, are weatherproof and can withstand extreme temperatures. A flat, nonslip, pedestrian-friendly surface is found on one side of DD2 mats and both sides of the DD3. Water, chemical and UV-resistant, the mats can be cleaned with a hose or pressure washer.