Tracked Chipper

Bandit Industries announced the Model 2290 Track whole tree chipper. The Caterpillar 315L undercarriage features a track shoe width of 600 mm and an approximate ground pressure of 6.3 PSI. A larger Caterpillar 320L undercarriage and 5.5-foot infeed conveyor are optional. The unit offers a 20-inch diameter capacity with a 30-inch weld-on tray as standard equipment. This model features a 24.5-by-26.25-inch chipper opening, high-capacity stationary discharge system, various engines up to 440 hp and a wide range of options.

Reach and Pull

The Compact Grapple/Bucket from GrabTec is designed for use with skid steer and compact wheel loaders. The model GS features a patent-pending “Reach and Pull” design for high-capacity material handling. The reach and pull motion offers over 6 feet of opening, powerful grabbing capability and precision material control. The specialized components are integrated into the grapple; they do not project into the work space or obstruct the view from the cab. The grapple is combined with a heavy-duty 72-inch bucket and comes with hoses and flat face couplers. A bolt-on cutting edge is optional.

Small Log Processing

Wood-Mizer Products now offers the Small Log Processing line. The SLP consists of the Twin Vertical Saw, Single Vertical Saw, a single or multihead Horizontal ReSaw, material handling for loading and transferring, and an EG300 MultiRip Edger. The system can be set up in a conventional, in-line arrangement for maximum efficiency, or it can be set up modularly. The TVS has two tilted heads that remove the slab from each side of the log. The SVS, also with a tilted head design, splits or removes the third side from a two-sided cant. The Horizontal ReSaw recovers as many boards as possible, and the EG300 standardizes up to three board sizes for maximum timber recovery.

Powerful Feed System

Rayco has introduced the RC1824, a new 18-inch capacity drum chipper. It has a powerful feed system to pull in brush, limbs and logs more easily, with less trimming. Dual, horizontal feed wheels are offset to minimize material kick-up. A planetary drive motor powers the 24-inch diameter top feed wheel. The chipper throat is 24 inches wide. It comes standard with a 130 hp Cummins engine, with an optional 160 hp Cummins turbodiesel. The engine is rubber-isolated for smooth operation. The chipper drum is 38 inches in diameter by 24 inches wide. The unit is 187.5 feet long with the feed table folded.

Improved Insecticide

J.J. Mauget Co. announced an improved formulation of its Imicide insecticide, resulting in more rapid effectiveness in the control of invasive pests such as the emerald ash borer and Asian longhorned beetle. The new formula offers improved water compatibility, which has been shown to more rapidly move the insecticide within the tree’s vascular system.