Improved Software

ArborGold, from Tree Management Systems, has unveiled version 18 of its flagship software program. ArborGold v18 can help users go green with batch e-mailing of invoices and proposals. New main screen view options allow instant management of tasks, phone messages, appointments, equipment, inventory and maintenance. The patent-pending Bucket Marketing System helps automate marketing. It also features defaults to simplify and speed up data entry; powerful search features and print options from the customer screen; user print preferences for proposals, work orders and invoices; and an all-new contract-billing feature.

One-Person Wood Processing

Wallenstein’s new WP Wood Processor improves productivity and operator ergonomics and minimizes handling. The hydraulic winch allows operators to block without bending over, measuring or moving. Once cut, the block rolls into the splitting chamber, where the 25-ton splitter quarters the block, then automatically returns to its by-stand position.


Bandit Industries has developed new technology that allows a .25-inch or smaller sawdust-type material, known as bio-sawdust, to be produced from debarked round wood in a single pass. Less energy is consumed, since the process is a cutting action rather than a beating action. A diesel-powered Beast Recycler can produce up to 3 tons of material per gallon of fuel. Since wood fibers are cut, not fractured, the material packs more efficiently into pellet dies for greater production. The cutter body is shaped like a saw tooth on a chain saw, enabling the chipping system to make a precise, regulated cut. The infeed system forwards material at the speed required to produce the desired chip length. The screening system keeps end-cuts and slivers inside the chamber until the material is properly sized. When producing bio-sawdust, the chipping operation generally yields better than 95 percent acceptable material.

Master of Blocks

The Block Master cutoff saw from Built-Rite can be set up next to your splitter to create a two-piece processor. It is available in two sizes, one for logs up to 16 inches in diameter and one for logs up to 22 inches in diameter. The standard engine on the 16-inch model is a 24 hp Honda, while the 22-inch model comes standard with a 30 hp Kohler engine. Both can take logs up to 16 feet long, and can handle logs up to 22 feet long with an optional 4-foot feed-through extension.

Compact Splitter

Timberwolf has introduced an alternative to electric log splitters, the TW-C1. The gas-powered splitter is compact for maneuverability and re-splits firewood to achieve the best size for efficient burning. The TW-C1 is welded and assembled by hand with components made in the U.S. It comes standard with a 160cc Honda engine, log cradles, pneumatic tires and a handle to make it easy to move around.