What’s New

It’s the Claw!

Tree Claw Industries offers the Tree Claw, a non-hydraulic way to handle balled and burlapped trees, allowing tree balls to be removed or replaced quickly and easily. It places tree balls in excavated holes without damaging roots. The unit attaches quickly to skid steer buckets or forks to safely pick up trees for loading, transporting and planting. It has a maximum lift capacity of 3,000 pounds.

It’s Dirt Simple

Green Pro Solutions now manufactures and markets Dirt Simple compost tea brewers, designed by Earth Fortification Supplies Co. The brewer is simple to operate and consistently produces high-quality tea. It is easy to clean and comes in sizes from 30 to 1,200 gallons.

Compact Chipper

JP Carlton’s model 660 6-inch disc-style wood chipper is ultra-compact so it can be towed by compact trucks and sport utility vehicles. It is designed for the trimming, pruning and cleanup jobs typically encountered by rental customers. The unit has a powerful feed system and 27 hp engine.

Saw Chain Available

Carlton chain saw chain is now available from Stens. The 3/8-inch pitch, .05-gauge standard chisel chain with 72 drive links is available in precut loops and in 25 and 100-foot reels. Semi-chisel, LP semi-chisel, ripping and skip tooth chain are also available in .25, .325 and .404-inch pitch.


Updated Geo-Boy

Jarraff Industries has unveiled its new Geo-Boy Brush Cutter, designed to operate in all conditions. With the ability to lift the cutter head about 11 feet high, it can clear brush and trees up to 12 inches in diameter. Powered by a 220 or 260 hp Tier III engine, it has a low center of gravity for a smoother ride and proper positioning of the cutter head. It has a number of safety features including full Lexan, No Mar windows and a rearview camera. The ergonomically designed cab is pressurized and comes standard with heat and air conditioning. Onboard compressed air powers pneumatic tools and removes dirt and debris.


Heavy-Duty Brush Hog

Fecon has added the FRM70 heavy-duty rotary brush cutter to its product lineup. It features a reinforced front push bar designed to direct and push trees over. Cutting productivity is maximized with a bidirectional direct-drive gear motor and four 12-inch, dual-sided rotary axe blades. The unit cuts brush up to 6 inches in diameter and fits skid steer loaders providing 21 to 45 GPM. Straight sides and a flush-to-the-ground design allow it to contain material and provide better sizing. The smooth deck surface minimizes debris buildup. A hydraulic brake stops the rotor quickly and safely.


Power Spraying

H.D. Hudson’s 18537 Power Sprayer features a rotatable cone nozzle head and 5.75-inch tank opening for easy filling. A filter keeps dirt and debris out of the tank to reduce clogging. The 25-liter-capacity water tank is made of high-density PE material. It has a four-speed spray range/PSI control knob, padded shoulder straps and backrest, and separate tank drain outlet for easy cleaning. Powered by a 25.6cc engine, it weighs 20 pounds and has a 20-ounce fuel tank, brass shutoff and standard-length and extendable brass lances.


If it Walks Like a Duck

The Kong Duck Rope Grab emergency belay device from U.S. Rigging Supply works on ropes with diameters from 5/16 to .5 inch, as well as tubular webbing with widths from 3/8 to 9/16 inch. Rope or webbing can easily be inserted with one hand. The large hole allows for rotation of carabiners. The unit weighs 2.5 ounces.


Right on Sctitleule

Magnatag Visible Systems offers the 31-Day Crew Sctitleuling Board as a fast, efficient, flexible way to plan work sctitleules and display them for employees. The heat fusion-printed, magnetic whiteboard system is available in four sizes to accommodate four to 16 crews for up to four months. It includes magnetic card holders to show job locations and specifications, as well as magnet circles in 10 colors, magnetic month and date sets, and write-on tools.


Heavy-Duty Grapple

The heavy-duty EDGE Brush Root Grapple, new from CEAttachments, is a full-featured unit for handling brush, awkward debris, logs and more. With up to 50 percent greater clamping force than previous models, the unit features dual, independent grapples with cushioned cylinders, and cylinder/hose guards protect all cylinder components. Available in 72, 78, 84 and 90-inch widths, the grapple also has hardened cylinder pivot pins for durability, tine material with 100,000 PSI yield strength and standard load check valve for positive clamp force.


“Green” Chipper Body

Terex Utilities has introduced a recycled fiberglass chipper body for the tree care industry. Developed in collaboration with Astoria Industries, the body provides an alternative to heavier steel bodies to save weight and reduce fuel consumption. It weighs 1,400 pounds less than a comparable steel body and can be mounted on a non-CDL chassis (25,999 pounds GVWR). Users will be able to carry the same volume of chips as with a standard 33,000-pound GVWR chassis. Corrosion-resistant aluminum flooring decreases the need for periodic repair and repainting.