Ergonomic Tree Saddle

The new Ergovation from Buckingham Mfg., is an ergonomically designed tree saddle with a fully modular design for customized fit and comfort. An ergonomically designed back pad conforms to the pelvis and supports the lower back. It features closed-cell foam construction and removable, washable padding for improved hygiene. The load-distributing design decreases pressure on the pelvis, and there is increased padding in the hip and pelvis region. It also has a waist tensioner for improved fit and abdominal stability and customizable lumbar support for optimal posture.

Log Ox

SherrillTree’s newly designed Log Ox was retooled for heavier payloads, maximum log diameter and portability. A telescopic handle and quick-release wheels allow for easy storage. It fits through a 36-inch gate and can haul logs up to 15 feet long and 14 inches in diameter. A steel loop at the handle end allows for pulling with a light tractor. It comes with a chain for extra support and steel tongs. The handle is adjustable for one or two people.

Super Mulcher

The UML/SSL skid steer mulcher from FAE USA is now available in a Super model outfitted with a variable-displacement hydraulic motor for increased productivity in heavier working conditions. FAE also uses this motor technology in its larger mulcher attachments for prime movers.

Switch It Up

Green Pro sprayers are now available with Switch-N-Go and AmeriDeck detachable bodies. A chipper box, sprayer unit, trash box, stake body and a variety of other body options can all be used on the same chassis or be switched between chassis. Switch-N-Go and AmeriDeck bodies are built to last, come in a wide range of sizes and have higher hauling capacities per vehicle GVW.