Friction Saver

SherrillTree’s Adjustable Friction Saver is a one-size-fits-all, rope-friendly device that can be set from the ground or within the crown. It can be used as an anchor position for any type of climbing line. When the climb is complete, a climber can tie an overhand knot in the end of the rope and reel in the entire system. Rope runs more smoothly, stays cleaner and doesn’t abrade. The device uses high-tenacity polyester cordage and aluminum alloy rings.

Get Charged Up

PulseTech Products has introduced the Xtreme Charge X2, a dual-station maintenance charger for 12-volt, lead-acid batteries. During the initial connection, the unit determines the appropriate rate of charge based on battery size and condition. It tests the battery continually to determine the optimal bulk or float charge rate. The test step also incorporates a bad battery indication. As part of the five-stage charging process, Xtreme Charge X2 continually PULSE Charges to minimize the size of lead sulfate crystals. The unit features four built-in wall-mount tabs and includes two fuse-protected, quick-disconnect battery clamps and lugs.


The new Super Jawz from Starhill Solutions is the largest in the company’s line of grabbing tools. It has a lifting capacity of 10,000 pounds and an opening of 58 inches at the tips. The attachment can be used to remove invasive plants, unwanted trees, fence posts and more.

Versatile Truck

Hawk Equipment offers a utility tree vehicle that can be used as a chip truck, open-top dump, flatbed and urban log truck. The crane has a capacity of 2,250 pounds at 28 feet 8 inches and 3,850 pounds at 15 feet 5 inches. It stows behind the cab with the grapple. The lid can be removed with the crane in one piece from a single lifting point. Both sides can be removed to create a flatbed with a bulkhead-type body, and log bunks can be installed to create an urban log truck.

New Sawmill Options

Wood-Mizer Products is now offering its LT15 sawmill with a new Power Feed option and Load Assist Kit. Power Feed control converts the standard manual-crank feed system into a powered feed unit. Providing up to 90 board feet per minute (forward and reverse), it features 12-volt powered feed and bolt-on installation.

The Load Assist Kit provides the tools needed to transport the LT15 using an existing multipurpose tilt-bed trailer. The kit contains custom bolt-on brackets, hardware, dolly wheels and strap winch.