Save the Branches

Branch Saver line from All Gear is a 24-strand hollow braid that holds damaged limbs in place. It is water-resistant, and its black color helps it to blend in with the tree. Unlike wire, it will not rust or rot, and the hollow braid construction makes it easy to splice or knot.


The Fecon Bio-Harvester simultaneously fells, chips and collects small-diameter woody biomass. It works well for pre-commercial and commercial thinning applications, nonsalable timber and brush. The Bio-Harvester helps provide a nonagricultural, renewable biomass energy supply that enhances forest management practices. It harvests fire-prone ladder fuel material, producing wood chips that can be used to produce bioenergy. It can be mounted to the Fecon FTX440, a 440 hp crawler tractor. Material is chipped using Fecon Bull Hog chipper knives or carbide tools, then channeled to a material processing fan and blown into a collection unit. It can discharge from the rear or the side.

Direct Injection

ArborSystems’ Quick-Connect Direct-Inject QC Tree Treatment System is a trunk injection application process that requires no drilling. Squeezing the unit’s handles injects chemicals directly into the inner, active layers of the tree’s cambial zone. The closed system eliminates exposure concerns. The Direct-Inject unit is preset to deliver a 1-milliliter dose and can be adjusted to deliver a .5-milliliter dose. Direct-Inject Chemical Packs are available for most ArborSystems chemicals. Specialized Quick-Connect Injection Tips are available—two sizes of Wedgle Tip for hardwoods, Portle Tip for conifers and Palm Tip for palm trees.

Redesigned Drivers

The drivers for Berkshire Products’ Earthwings have been redesigned to better resist bending. The new drivers are made of hardened carbon steel to increase their strength and durability, making them suitable for hard or rocky soil. All standard Earthwing tree anchors will now come with the new drivers. When ordering drivers for Earthwing kits, customers will have a choice of the regular drivers or the new drivers.