New Chipper

Bandit has introduced the 1490XP, a drum-style chipper with a 15-inch-diameter capacity. Its compact size allows for easy towing and maneuvering, and the oversized drum provides efficient chipping. Most of the material is chipped on the bottom half of the drum and on an angle with the grain of the wood, reducing vibration and fuel consumption. The chipper opening is 17.75 inches high by 19.5 inches wide. Engines are available up to 142 hp. Bandit’s Power Slot system allows for greater chip velocity and eliminates plugging.

Tree Spades Galore

Bobcat is offering a line of new tree spade attachments available in 24, 28, 32, 36 and 44-inch sizes. The truncated blade for loamy soils has a 22-degree tower angle and is available on all but the 44-inch size. Modified blades for loamy to sandy soils have a 25-degree tower angle. The cone blade works best in sandy soils. The modified and cone blades are available on all sizes. A dedicated seven-pin, electric-over-hydraulic control valve is used on Bobcat G Series or newer machines. The convertible valve option makes it possible to use the tree spade on other loaders. The convertible valve system can be operated with a conventional pendant control or the seven-pin attachment control kit.

Steel Tracks

Fecon’s steel track undercarriage is now available for the FTX148-L. Single or triple-grouser steel tracks allow operators to maneuver easily on slopes and slippery terrain. Closely spaced rollers provide even weight distribution and offer a smooth ride. With the steel track undercarriage and the BH85 Bull Hog brush cutter, the FTX148-L weighs 19,400 pounds.

Tree Shovel

ProLine Equipment has introduced the ProLineShovel attachment for full-sized and mini skid steers. It quickly and safely digs small numbers of trees so the user can ball and burlap them or transplant them directly to another location on site. The ProLineShovel is shaped like one-third of a standard, hydraulic tree spade, and allows the operator to make two or three thrusts around the base of the tree to extract a uniformly shaped root ball. The nose of the shovel is shaped to prevent it from slipping off and around tree roots.