Offering Tree Tie webbing and four models of Earthwings, which can handle trees from 2 to 7 inches in caliper, with holding power from 250 to 1,600 pounds.


The Tree Ring II speeds plant establishment and stability, conserves water, protects plants and contains mulch. Water penetrates to roots with no runoff.  


The Tree Spade attachment features overlapping blades, swing-open gate with open frame design and adjustable legs with four digging sizes.

Century Products

Minimize hardscape damage from tree roots with Century’s CP Series Root Barriers, which are available in interlocking panels, rolls and cut-to-fit.

Compact Power

The Boxer 526DX mini skid, powered by a 26.1 hp, Perkins, diesel engine, has a 1,050-pound operating capacity and 2,100-pound tip capacity.


The Model 65 Tree Transplanter cuts a 65-inch hole and features externally mounted gate cylinders designed to eliminate ledges and corners.


The Model MS-615 auger system comes with single or double swivel mounting and features 1,558 foot-pounds of torque and hydraulic flows of 6 to 15 GPM.

Deep Root

DeepRoot Tree Root Guides redirect roots down and away from hardscapes and can be used for linear, surround and root pruning applications.


The Smart Stake is a fiberglass tree stake with SunGUARD II coating to provide 100 percent UV protection.

Green King

DEEP DRIP Tree Watering Stakes water and feed trees at the roots. Add fertilizer into the shaft to direct nutrients to the roots. Available in 14, 24 and 36-inch sizes.

Leon’s Mfg.

Offering 18, 24 and 30-inch tree auger bits. Power drive units are complete with quick-attach mounting plate, hydraulic hoses, 2-inch round spindles and more.


The Easy Auger II comes in push and self-propelled models powered by Robin or Honda engines. Augers range from 2 to 18 inches in diameter.

RootMaker Products

RootMaker’s root pruning technology produces trees with a fibrous root system. Products are designed to promote root branching and new roots.


Shaver offers two hydraulic posthole diggers with five mounting options and four PTO-driven models, which fit three-point hitches.


Tree-Mate-O and TMO Pro (telescoping) tree supports are durable and reusable and allow trees to sway, producing strong, thick, straight trees.


The TIA-350S one-man posthole digger features a 32cc, 1.6 hp, two-stroke engine. An S-start system reduces the amount of pull force required by 40 percent.


The High Torque Auger attachment, for use with the Toro Dingo, has 1,500 pounds of torque and can be used with bits from 6 to 30 inches for holes up to 5 feet deep.

Tree Equipment

The 54-inch Red Boss Tree Spade digs holes between 36 and 58 inches in diameter and accommodates a 44-inch tree ball. Also offers spades from 16 to 72 inches.


The TS20 tractor-mounted mini-spade features a heavy design that improves the spade’s ability to penetrate the ground and locking gates to keep the machine stable.