The new year is here, and now is a great time to start planning for the year ahead. Prepare yourself for a busy and profitable season by making some new additions to your equipment arsenal. In this special section, you’ll find a variety of tree care equipment-from chippers to rope bags-to help you get the job done. See something you like? Simply circle the reader service number on the enclosed card and send it in, or visit for more information.


ArborSystems has announced that 100 percent of the components for the Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Injection System are now made in the U.S.A. The Direct-Inject system works with ArborSystems’ broad line of insecticides, fungicides, PGRs and micronutrients and can treat almost any tree in less than five minutes without drilling.

Bandit Industries, Inc.

The Bandit 990XP is a compact, 12-inch diameter capacity drum chipper designed for municipalities, rental companies and tree services looking for a high-performance, lightweight chipper. The feed system and components are comparable to the 1090XP, but with a smaller 24-inch diameter drum, a unique discharge transition and a compact design. Engine options are available up to 86 hp.

Blue Ridge Arborist Supply

Forester’s Mini Collapsible Rope Bag is 1 to 8 inches tall with a 7-inch diameter. The bag is made of 1,200-denier nylon and has a rope feed grommet and saddle attachment ring. Perfect for throwline and throw bag storage.


Built-Rite’s model 40 SCP-HP firewood processors have a new infeed system with eight powered hourglass rollers to handle crooked logs. A V clamp system allows it to hold logs from 3 to 22 inches in diameter. Features a 68 hp diesel and high-performance triple pump, which provides a four-second cycle time.

Earth & Turf

The Log Hitch for tractors is designed to increase versatility and attaches directly to category I three-point hitches. The Log Hitch is available in two models, one for tractors under 30 hp and another for larger tractors, which both come with a 7/16-inch shackle and a 3/8-inch grab hook and standard receiver drawbar. Harvesting logs with a three-point tractor minimizes disturbance to the environment.

EMB Manufacturing

The Wallenstein CR60 wood chipper features IntelliFeed electronic feed control, which continuously monitors the rotor’s RPM, slowing the rollers’ speed as needed. Rapid Recovery technology eliminates friction against the rotor. Chipping capacity is 7 by 11 inches with standard, dual-feed rollers and a 38 hp Kohler engine.


The Compact Equipment Mulcher CEM26 features a Fixed Rotor System to grind material up to 4 inches in diameter. Offers a 36-inch cutting width and a maximum weight between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds. Four tooling options include: Double Carbide, Stone Tools, Single Carbide and Chipper Tools. For excavators in the 7 to 15-metric-ton range,

Green Pro Solutions

Prescription Soil Analysis examines 18 different parameters, including soil type and biological indicators critical for maintaining more biologically based plant health systems. Comprehensive recommendations are easy to understand and can be species specific. Program adjusts nutrient recommendations based on soil type.


Jameson’s new Big Mouth Pruner has a 1.75-inch hook opening, enhanced spring for smoother cutting action, a raised hook edge to reduce blade drag and an easy blade replacement design. The Big Mouth snaps onto Jameson’s fiberglass poles with an adapter that locks into the pole’s heavy-duty ferrule

The KnifeSource

The KnifeSource has developed a way to resharpen double-bevel knives to OEM specifications with every regrind. This unique slide-pin design is on all of their mechanical and magnetic knife grinders to maintain centrality from the bolt mounting holes on all doublebeveled brush chipper knives for all makes and models.


The Morbark Beever M6R drum chipper has a 6-inch capacity with a large infeed opening and a throat opening that is 11 inches wide and 6 inches high. Features include a direct-drive system with belt power transfer and an automatic feed system to increase chipper performance and reduce maintenance.

Multitek, Inc.

The Multitek Log Buster is designed to quarter oversized logs using twin splitting rams and a 115 hp John Deere diesel engine. The splitter features a 10-foot long opening and an unlimited diameter capacity. Using a radio remote control, an operator can use a log loader and the Log Buster simultaneously.


The Brush Blazer by Peco, a walk-behind unit for small tree and underbrush clearing, features operator-friendly controls, tank tracks, a 26 hp Kohler engine, 48-inch cutting deck and double-disc blades capable of mowing down 4-inch trees.

Texas Timber

The new Trim All can remove or trim limbs using your existing equipment. It attaches in minutes, cuts limbs up to 10 inches in diameter and has a reach up to 23 feet on skid steer models. Features a 24-inch circular blade with carbide tips and comes with a 72 or 80-tooth blade and fiberglass boom.


Arm Chaps are designed to prevent cuts, scrapes and injuries. They are available in eight sizes and several colors, including the new tan, brown and safety orange. They work great while operating saws in awkward situations, carrying heavy wood/brush loads, running a chain saw or ax or any other wrist-straining activity.


The HR120 Horizontal ReSaw has a large, 16-inch-wide capacity and is powered by gas, diesel or electricity. The unit features all electrical drives, eliminating the need for hydraulics. Designed for remanufacturing boards, cants and reclaiming slabs, the bed tilts to angle cut, producing lap siding and moulding blanks. Optional transfer tables and shingle belt.