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Mini Machines  

Ditch Witch

The RT10 and RT12 walk-behind trenchers feature fully hydrostatic steering and a choice of high-flotation tires or heavy-duty oscillating tracks.


The Kwik-Trim uses a mini excavator platform carrying a 53-foot, nonconductive boom with a 24-inch circular saw blade. Standard enclosed cab.

Ramrod Equip.

Taskmaster models 905, 915, 950 and 1150 come in packages from 32-inch wheels to 44-inch tracks, with Kubota diesel or Kawasaki gas engines.


The C100 Super Crawler features steel tracks, 99.2 hp Kubota diesel engine and Super Flow closed-loop hydraulic system with 39 GPM at 5,500 PSI.

Sneller Machine

The Sneller Compact Track Loader with steel tracks can be combined with the self-powered, 60 hp Sneller Brush Shredder for clearing brush and small trees.


Offers custom mulching/forestry carriers in the 127 to 450 hp range with numerous undercarriage/carrier arrangements and Caterpillar components.

Turf Teq

The 1305TR2 multiuse, walk-behind tractor is powered by a 13 hp Honda engine and is self-propelled with a fully hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission.


The S800TX mini skid steer offers a 35 hp diesel engine, 14 GPM hydraulic flow, 40.5-inch width and 2,300-pound rated operating capacity.



The DL-66 brush cutter cuts trees 5 to 6 inches in diameter, light brush and grass. The steel crossbar carrier has four two-sided, 12-inch long blades.


The FW Grapple, in 5 and 6-foot widths, features grease zerks on pivot points, cylinders that clamp independently and quick attachments to fit skid steers.

Brush Technology

The Seppi Starforst, suitable for hydraulic drive up to 440 hp, processes material up to 16 inches in diameter and comes in 79, 89 and 98-inch sizes.


The EDGE Mini Backhoe mounts to most skid steers and has a digging depth of 73 inches, overall reach of 75 inches and digging force of 3,895 pounds.


SC Stump Grinders have an offset design to provide better visibility and divert debris away from the operator. Available in high or standard-flow models.


The Brush Wolf cuts and mulches trees and brush up to 3 inches in diameter and has single-edged, dual blades. Fits all skid steers.

EZ Spot UR

The EZ-2010 rock and tree handler opens up to 46 inches and closes down to 5 inches. It is lined with rubber to handle a variety of materials.


Designs and manufactures a wide range of professional shredders that can be mounted on a variety of equipment, including skid steers and tractors.


The Compact Equipment Mulcher features a fixed rotor system, 36-inch cutting width and HDT tooling system with four different tooling options.

General Equip.

The 471 Dig-R-Tach hydraulically powered earth drilling attachment is designed for use with lower auxiliary hydraulic system flow rates.

Hardwood Equip.

Hardwood Equipment offers lightweight, high-speed feller buncher tree shears for skid steers in 12, 15 and 18-inch sizes.


The IronWolf Mulcher features a low-maintenance design that uses low-speed, high-torque motors to maximize the power to the mulching head.


The Carbide Cutter G2 cuts and mulches material up to 6 inches in diameter and can intermittently cut material up to 10 inches in diameter or larger.

Precision Mfg.

The heavy-duty Grapple Rake is available in 72 and 85-inch widths with single or double grapples. It opens to 70 inches, with 6-inch spacing of middle tines.


The Predator PM638 mulching head can be attached to the C100 Super Crawler, has 38 fixed teeth and clears a 6-foot swath.

Ryan’s Equip.

Manufactures a complete line of bypass grapples for machines from mini skid steers to excavators, with standard quick-attach or custom mounting.


The StumpBuster comes in a PTO model with slip clutch that fits 15 to 100 hp tractors and a hydraulic model for skid steers providing 12 to 40 GPM.

Sidney Mfg.

The Timberline TBL1000 tree shear with hydraulic rotation mounts to skid steers and compact excavators and cuts branches up to 10 inches in diameter.

T.M. Mfg.

The T.M. Splitter for skid steers comes in 24, 30 and 36-inch sizes with viewing window, 8-inch-wide splitting wings and carbon steel splitting wedge.


The TW-S3HD splitter is powered by a skid steer’s hydraulic system and can be equipped with a four or six-way wedge, table grate and hydraulic log lift.

Top Notch Equip.

The Branch Manager 38 Special is a 38 hp stump grinding attachment for mini loaders, with a 20-inch wheel, 18-inch grinding depth and 46-inch wide swing.


The stump grinder attachment for Dingo loaders has a 17-inch cutter wheel with 12 cutting teeth, speed of 2,000 RPM and tooth tip speed of 148 feet per second.

Tree Claw Industries

The Tree Claw attaches to skid steer buckets or forks and places tree balls in excavated holes without damaging roots. Maximum lift capacity of 3,000 pounds.

Turf Teq

The 1305BC brush cutter features a variable-angle cutting head, pivoting deck with adjustable cutting height and infinitely variable operating speed.


The high-speed Tushogg land clearing attachment is equipped with interchangeable teeth and can work in rocky conditions and wet areas.

U.S. Pride Products

The Hands Free Log Splitter for skid steers and excavators uses a rotating cone and is available in three models that can split logs up to 8 feet long.