Mini Machines


The 30 hp ASV PT-30 compact track loader offers ground pressure of 2.8 PSI, rated operating capacity of 800 pounds and width of 48 inches.

Compact Power

The 700 Series compact utility loaders feature diesel engines from 26 to 49 hp, hydrostatic transmission, four-wheel drive and ergonomic suspension seat.

Ditch Witch

The SK650 mini skid steer is equipped with a 31 hp Kubota turbo diesel engine and directs 20 net hp to attachments.


The GT13XP mulcher features a 140 hp, Tier III Cummins turbo diesel engine and captive track system to clear terrain without damaging nearby feeder roots.

Kut Kwick

The BrushMaster is a diesel-powered machine capable of clearing trees and brush up to 4 inches in diameter, leaving clippings that will decay quickly.


The Ramrod Taskmaster comes in 12 models with gas or diesel engines, wheels or tracks, and over 60 quick-on, quick-off attachments.


The steel-tracked C100 Super Crawler is powered by a 96 hp Kubota turbo diesel engine and features the Super Flow closed-loop hydraulic system.


The SK140TR track loader mulcher features 140 hp with 40 GPM at 5,500 PSI dedicated to the mulching implement. Available with steel tracks.

Turf Teq

The 13 hp 1305TR2 walk-behind tractor can be equipped with the A1305C brush cutter attachment featuring a variable-angle cutting head.


The S600TX rubber-tracked mini skid steer has a 30 hp Kohler gas or 25 hp Kubota engine diesel, spring-cushioned platform and 13 GPM of hydraulic flow.



The DL-66 brush cutter cuts trees 5 to 6 inches in diameter, light brush and grass. The steel crossbar carrier has four two-sided, 12-inch long blades.

Bay Engineering

The Stumper 280 for skid steers offers a cutting force regulator, no-gearbox design and ability to mulch roots 18 inches deep.

Beaver Squeezer

The universal skid steer grapple opens from 3 to 62 inches and offers 360-degree continuous rotation, standard hydraulic flow and hydraulic winch options.


The FW Grapple, in 5 and 6-foot widths, features grease zerks on pivot points, cylinders that clamp independently and quick attachments to fit skid steers.


The Bradco Magnum Mulcher fixed-tooth cutter/mulcher head features a low-profile design and is available in various sizes with 165 to 500 hp.

Brush Technology

The Seppi Star Forest cuts and mows trees and brush. It comes in 89 and 98-inch cut widths and works with 150 to 450 hydraulic hp.


The Brushmonster Model 600 open-front unit can cut trees and brush up to 6 inches in diameter, with a cutting width of 73 inches.


The EDGE Rotary Brush Mower features .25-inch steel deck pans, balanced stump jumper and .5-inch steel frame for the gearbox and motor.

Chuck Smith’s

The Log Mauler has a 5-inch bore with a 3-inch rod and 33-inch stroke, providing up to 40 tons of push capability.

Denis Cimaf

Offering brush cutters and brush cutter/chippers developed for skid steers 65 hp and up. They use rotor technology with bolted-on, fixed blades.


Offers shredders for a variety of machines providing hydraulic or PTO hp. The UML/SSL skid steer mulcher is available for low and high-flow carriers.


Grapple rakes for skid steers and wheel loaders have a 42-inch-wide opening and are available in 62, 72, 82 and 92-inch models.


Bull Hog Mulchers come in three models and offer a Heavy-Duty Tooling Rotor System, rounded skid shoes, two push bar options and four tool options.

Hardwood Equipment

Hardwood Equipment offers lightweight, high-speed 12, 15 and 18-inch feller buncher tree shears for skid steers.


The IronWolf Mulcher features a low-maintenance design that uses low-speed, high-torque motors to maximize the power to the mulching head..


Carbide Cutters can cut up to 6-inch-diameter material with as little as 48 hydraulic hp. Features two-stage cutting chamber and spiral tooth pattern.

Miller Machine

Offers stump grinding attachments, powered by tractors (mechanical PTO), skid steer loaders (hydrostatic drive) and other tool carriers.

National Attachments

The Extreme Service Stump Harvester excavates, presplits, stockpiles and loads. Features quenched and tempered multi-alloy Swedish steels.


Grapple attachments include the Twin Industrial Grapple with tines and a Grapple Fork Attachment with four tines that can be added to a bucket.


The Rayco Predator PM638 mulching head for the C100 Super Crawler has 38 fixed teeth and clears a 6-foot path.

Ryan’s Equipment

The 1,350-pound bunching tree shear features a 13-inch cutting capacity, two grabber arms, one accumulator arm and two movable knives.


The tractor-mounted SL-2024 and the skid steer-mounted SL-2024S log splitters feature a 5-by-24-inch hydraulic cylinder.


Timberline tree shears can rotate 110 degrees from the cab and serve as a grapple. Two models with 10 and 14-inch capacities cut trees at ground level.

T.M. Mfg.

The T.M. Splitter for skid steers comes in 24, 30 and 36-inch sizes with viewing window, 8-inch-wide splitting wings and carbon steel splitting wedge.


The TW-S3 skid steer splitter powers through logs up to 30 inches long and is able to turn in a smaller radius.

Top Notch Equipment

The Branch Manager mini grapple has a 46-inch opening and 2,000-pound operating capacity. Also offers 50-inch CEO and 60-inch Boss grapples.


The Tushogg is available in multiple models with carbide-tipped cutting teeth and direct-drive gearbox. Quick-hitch or direct-connect mounting.

U.S. Pride Products

The hands-free log splitter can be attached to most skid steer makes and models with coupler levers and quick-attach mounting plates.


The ArborWolf stump grinder cuts up to 8 inches per pass and is available for skid steers, articulated loaders and mini excavators.


The Tree Clipper comes in two models and offers welded steel frame construction, T-1 steel blades and cutting head that rotates 113 degrees.