A balanced source of microelements to treat for iron chlorosis in hardwood trees, Mini-Jet Iron is designed for tree injections. Balanced source of iron, manganese, zinc, boron and copper.


GreenTree Pro Nutriboosters 0-15-10 with Iron can be applied in late summer to help stressed trees regain vitality and boost green-up and leaf development in the spring.

Creative Sales

MEDICAP MD combines highly water-soluble nutrients (12-4-4 NPK) and micronutrients (iron, manganese and zinc). This treatment will last for two to three seasons.

Doggett Corp.

Offering slow-release tree fertilizers that contain macro and microelements, humates, microbes and organics. Soil amendments also available.

Green Pro Solutions

Green Pro Solutions offers a fender-mounted pump and hose reel that quick-connects to a sprayer tank. Can be installed and removed by one person.


Specializes in tree sprayers from pickup-mounted skid units to complete truck systems. All tanks available with pump capacities up to 64 GPM and 700 PSI.


The Liquid Loadables line has 1-liter bottles for use in all liquid loadable microinjection devices and includes Inject-A-Min Manganese and Stemix Plus, Abacide 2, Imicide and Mycoject Ultra.

Northeastern Arborist Supply

Designs and builds tree and turf sprayers in all sizes to customer specifications. Also offers standard models. Sprayers feature up-to-date components.

R&K Pump and Equipment

R&K introduces its line of fully enclosed spray trucks. These units are specially equipped for tall tree applications, root feeding and shrub sprays.


SherrillTree can build your ideas with fully enclosed, all-aluminum spray trucks as well as a full line of skid-style spray rigs for spraying trees over 90 feet tall.


TurfEx’s spot sprayers are available with 50 and 100-gallon tanks. All models feature corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank construction and 50-foot hoses.

Vitamin Institute

SUPERthrive is a highly concentrated solution of 50 vitamins and hormones that improves growth in all plant and tree applications. Combine with fertilizer application.