GreenTree Pro Nutriboosters 0-15-10 contains phosphorus, potassium and iron to help trees green up and leaf out. Apply with the Wedgle Direct-Inject system.

Creative Sales

MEDICAP and PHOSCAP systemic tree implants deliver micronutrients and fertilizer. The non-pressurized capsules contain dry powder chemicals.

Doggett Corp.

Offering slow-release tree fertilizers that contain macro and microelements, humates, microbes and organics. Soil amendments also available.

Lutz Corp.

Lutz Perfect Spikes restore and maintain healthy green growth. They contain a chlorophyll-producing mix of iron, manganese and sulfur.

Plant Health Care

PHC for Trees 11-22-22 SRN is a water-dispersible chemical and biological fertility product that contains beneficial bacteria. Provides macro and micronutrients.

Rainbow Treecare

Verdur and Verdur Mn provide iron and manganese to help prevent chlorosis. Applied using macro-infusion, they will green up trees for up to three years.

Vitamin Institute

Vitamin Institute’s SUPERthrive contains 50 vitamins and hormones that can help prevent the loss of trees.

Application Equipment


The SHR-210 gas-powered backpack sprayer has a 21.2cc engine, 17.6-fluid-ounce fuel tank, diaphragm carburetor and 5-gallon tank with recirculating pump.

Green Pro Solutions

Pumptec electric pumps are durable and rebuildable and can be combined with existing tanks or incorporated into a complete sprayer unit.


Specializes in tree sprayers from pickup-mounted skid units to complete truck systems. All tanks available with pump capacities up to 64 GPM and 700 PSI.

H.D. Hudson

The Green Garde by Hudson model 39919 surface root feeder is made of tough, lightweight aluminum with fully replaceable parts. For liquid applications.

Northeastern Arborist Supply

Offering sprayers, deep root feeders and plant health care products. With stock sprayers of all sizes and the ability to custom-build to customer specifications.

PBM Supply & Mfg.

Direct-Injection Skid Sprayers allow chemicals to be injected directly into the line for more accurate mixture calculation and precision rate application.


Commercial sprayers range from 100 to 1,000-gallon sizes, with dual-tank and multitank spray systems available. Lightweight aluminum frames.


The SP45BPE backpack sprayer features Viton seals, four-stage filter, UV inhibitors, three nozzles, Euro-style tank and 90 PSI, large-diameter piston pump.