The Arborjet Deluxe Kit is a versatile tree injection kit that comes with three Tree IV bottles, 12 VIPER needles, one QUIK-jet device, hard carrying case and more.


Shepherd protects against oak wilt, Dutch elm disease and more. Whippet prevents sudden oak death and other blights. Apply with the Wedgle Direct-Inject system.

Creative Sales

ACECAP systemic tree implants contain 99 percent acephate, an insecticide with no use restrictions, to kill a variety of destructive tree pests.

Envirometrics Systems

The BugBarrier Tree Band manages spring or fall cankerworms, gypsy moths, winter moths and other climbing insects. Contains no pesticides or pheromones.

FMC Professional Solutions

Onyx insecticide is a preventive treatment for reliable, long-term protection against beetles and borers. Apply one to two months before expected adult beetle flight.

Green Pro Solutions

The multipurpose sprayer can be used for foliar sprays or root feeding. It has a 30-gallon tank and a pump that produces a flow rate of 5.5 GPM at 560 PSI.


Specializes in tree sprayers from pickup-mounted skid units to complete truck systems. All tanks are available with pump capacities up to 64 GPM and 700 PSI.

J.J. Mauget

Imicide is formulated for im-proved uptake in trees. Mycoject Ultra offers improved performance for the suppression of certain bacterial diseases.

Northeastern Arborist Supply

Designs and builds tree and turf sprayers in all sizes to customer specifications. Also offers standard models. Sprayers feature up-to-date components.



Custom-builds spray rigs for all application needs, from single and multitank skids to fully enclosed, all-aluminum truck bodies.

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