All Gear

Neopro is a 7/16-inch, 16-strand polyester climbing line made of high-visibility green and blue fibers. Provides good texture for footlocking.


The 12-ounce, 100 percent cotton Single-Thick Sweatshirt features gusseted armpits, snap closures at the neck and an oversized hood.


QR Powder is a topical powder that stops bleeding instantly for cuts, lacerations, head wounds and nosebleeds.

Gibney Thornton

The EZ-Spotter Tow Trailer Safety Marker system features two reflective, 28-inch plastic posts topped by rubber-mount, 2-inch, beehive marker lights.


The arborist helmet has a polycarbonate shell, side slots, face shield and a four-point harness system with foam replaceable headband.

New England Ropes

Tachyon is an 11-millimeter rope with superior strand definition that features a UV and abrasion-resistant polyester sheath over a Flexifirm core.


The Wire Stop is a way to install EHS cable that eliminates three pieces of hardware per end. Made of a 6061 aluminum block and a 416 stainless steel taper.

Samson Rope

Offering Prusik Cord, a double-braid polyester cord; Bail Out Rope, a heat-resistant, double-braid; and Ice Tail, a 12-strand single-braid.


The 3-pound Sequoia arborist saddle by Petzl is for climbing by doubled rope technique and is designed to be comfortable and well-ventilated.

Spyder Mfg.

Aluminum climber stirrups are made from aluminum alloy. Gaffs are forged and quenched steel with a break strength of 40,000 pounds.

U.S. Rigging Supply

WOLF-CLAW climbing boots have calf-supporting nylon shell, molded alloy steel frame, neoprene foam inner lining and three-position gaffs.


Leather Arm Chaps provide wrist support and protection from cuts, scratches, burns and poisonous plants. Easily worn under regular gloves, seven sizes available.

W.E. Chapps

Chainsaw Arm Chapps feature four layers of Kevlar between breathable cotton and an abrasion and scratch-resistant outer shell.

Weaver Leather

The Rope Bridge Extra Wide Back Saddle has memory foam leg pads, extra-wide back, rope bridge, fixed-position side dee rings, rescue belay loop and more.

West Coast Shoe

The Highliner Boot features leather side patches, steel shanks, leather half-slips and recessed metal heel breastplate. Heights from 10 to 20 inches.

Yale Cordage

Yale’s 5/16-inch Bee-Line Prusik cord features a cover that is 75 percent Technora and 25 percent polyester, with a Vectran core.