All Gear

Rocket Line is a 7/16-inch rope with a 24-strand polyester cover, 16-strand core and cabled, twisted center core. In 120, 150, 600 and 1,200-foot lengths.


The modular guard system consists of three panels covered with durable black mesh. Each panel has a .75-inch powder-coated steel frame.

Buckingham Mfg.

The BuckGrab length adjusting device has a 90-degree twist in the eye of the cam, eliminating the need for a locking, twisted clevis to connect to the D ring.

Pelican Rope Works

Flip Lines have a hand-spliced, braided 16-strand polyester cover over a galvanized aircraft cable or polyester core, with a double-locking steel safety snap.


The Sequoia Swing arborist seat harness combines a flat, adjustable-width seat with independent leg loops for comfort and greater freedom of movement.

Red Wing Shoe

The model 2218 9-inch logger boot features steel toe protection, electrical hazard rating and Vibram Tacoma sole. Available in a wide range of sizes and widths.


ArborMaster is a .5-inch-diameter climbing line with a firm profile and 16-strand construction. Comes in red, black and white; gold streak; and blue streak.


Rockman helmets feature six-point textile suspension, standard four-point chin strap, ABS construction, energy-absorbing shape and a variety of colors.


Arm Chaps, now available in tan, brown and safety orange, protect arms, hands and wrists, are easily worn under regular work gloves and come in eight sizes.


Highliner boots come in black, brown and redwood leather in heights of 10 and 16 inches, and can be custom-built to exact specifications.

Yale Cordage

Maxiflip Sport 16-strand rope incorporates double-locking snaphooks or triple-locking swivel carabiners and is treated with urethane.