Aerial Lifts

Aerial Lift

Model AL62/52-5-1L-1H has a 62-foot working height, 52 feet of side reach and 34-by-60-inch toolbox package. Rope box mounted under ladder.

Altec Environmental Products

The Altec LRV60-E70 features the Iso-Grip control system, working height up to 75 feet, working side reach up to 49 feet and 10-foot elevator.


Mat-Tree aerial lifts come in 65 and 75-foot working heights and feature a telescopic upper boom.


Manufactures Hi-Ranger XT Series aerial tree trimmers, available with a 55 or 60-foot platform height. Optional 10-foot hydraulic transverse lift.

Time Mfg.

Offering a line of insulated and non-insulated aerial devices ranging in height from 29 feet to 210 feet.


Altec Cranes

Offers cranes from 18 to 38 tons with integral safety features and pilot-operated controls for precise ramping and metering of hydraulic function.

Giuffre Bros. Cranes

With three manufacturing branches, Giuffre offers the Dino 1800 with 18-ton capacity and 120-foot reach and Dino 2500 with 25-ton capacity and 146-foot reach.



The Talon brush grapple features covered cylinders and hoses that are routed immediately into hose cover. Available in 72 and 81-inch models.

Beaver Squeezer

The universal skid steer grapple opens from 3 to 62 inches, has 360-degree continuous rotation and features standard hydraulic flow and hydraulic winch options.


The FW Grapple, in 5 and 6-foot widths, features grease zerks on pivot points, cylinders that clamp independently and quick attachments to fit skid steers.


The EDGE Brush/Root Rake has heavy-duty tines, two cylinders providing powerful clamping pressure and replaceable, weld-on teeth.

Daniel Mfg.

The Exca-Beak grapple system for compact excavators and loader backhoes allows the full operating range of the bucket. Comes in quick-attach styles.


Grapple rakes for skid steers and wheel loaders have a 42-inch-wide opening and are available in 62, 72, 82 and 92-inch models.


The FG60 front-mounted grapple for skid steers opens to 60 inches and has a static load lifting weight of 8,990 pounds and 350-square-inch gripping area.


Brush grapples come in widths up to 91 inches and overall depths up to 39 inches, with up to 16 tines in 6-inch intervals and cylinder protective guards.

Hud-Son Forest Equip.

Offers log grapples and rotators for pulp and log loaders, log grapples for skid steer loaders, timber grapples, Valby grapple hangers and more.


The Model 60 Debris Grapple offers two heavy-duty hydraulic motors with spur gears for 360-degree continuous rotation. The grapple also pivots to the side.

Ryan’s Equip.

Bypass grapples with standard quick-attach or custom mounts are available in 40, 48, 60 and 72-inch sizes. Serrated edges to secure load.

Sidney Mfg.

The Gorilla grapple is designed to fit most skid steers and is manufactured from high-tensile, 1-inch-thick steel with 400 BHN tips.

Sneller Machine

The R-360 grapple has a rigid wrist, 360-degree continuous rotation, 32-inch jaw opening and optional hydraulic-powered chain saw.

Top Notch Equip.

Top Notch offers 50 and 60-inch bypass rotating grapples for the professional that attach to skid steers.

U.S. Pride Products

Product line includes root grapples, rock bucket grapples, material grapples, bucket grapples, curved tine grapples and industrial grapples.

Forestry Bodies

Aerial Lift

Model AL65/53-5-1L-4H features a 10-foot Southco chip box with a 34-by-60-inch toolbox, 65-foot working height and 53 feet of side reach.
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Lightweight all-aluminum chipper bodies are customizable and feature a heavy-duty extruded main frame with 1.25-inch smooth flooring.

Hawk Equip.

The utility tree vehicle can be used as a chip truck, flatbed, urban log truck and more. Crane has a capacity of 2,250 pounds at 28 feet 8 inches.

Southco Industries

Manufactures forestry truck bodies, specializing in complete chassis, cab and body packages. Also offers cranes, lift gates, log loaders and more.


Offers a chipper body made of recycled fiberglass that weighs 1,400 pounds less than a comparable steel body and has aluminum flooring.