“It seems like a big expense with monthly finance charges, transaction fees and equipment. Does anyone have some input on whether or not to accept credit cards? Any good companies out there that don’t gouge you on finance charges?”


“I don’t accept credit cards, but I have had a couple customers use the credit card checks that you get in the mail. They get the same benefits of using the card, and it does not cost you anything. They also normally get a promotional interest rate from the card company. Win-win for everyone.”


“I cannot support the use of credit cards. However, from the standpoint of the business, I could see offering a three-step payment or something. This, of course, would be with a surcharge of 5 percent or whatever. That would still be cheaper than the interest on most cards. You could also have some official paper drawn up to suit your needs. The cards are an advantage for the issuing company only.”


“In this economy, and with everybody getting lazier, you’re crazy to not take credit/debit cards. Put the stickers on the side of your truck. Let people know you do, because trust me, it attracts business, and it will get them to spend money they don’t have. And, it is very convenient for you and the customer. Some of my biggest customers pay with credit card. I could care less because I’m getting paid right then and there. My company only charges me 2 percent. To me, it’s definitely a step in the right direction because everyone takes them now, and it’s a quick and easy way to pay for things.”


“I agree; it will open a whole new/different stream of cash. I have pitched this to my partner, but I was saying offer PayPal as a way to pay. My wife and I have it set up for mostly eBay buy/sell. I know the straight up credit card companies are expensive or seem to take a decent percentage out of the transaction, at least the last time I looked at e-commerce solution for a company I worked for. PayPal seemed to be straightforward with the


“I have a wireless terminal in my truck. It’s no bigger than a graphing calculator. They only charge me 2 percent, and the machine was free.”