The layout and design of a website is very important, admits John Rzeszutek, who operates But, as Rzeszutek points out, where a competent professional website company can really help is by making sure a site is fully search engine optimized (SEO). That means that the titles of pages and the content itself uses words that will help the site rank highly when customers are searching for services in that market.

“Ten years ago, people could just write a bunch of keywords on their website and it would rank well,” says Rzeszutek. Today, the process is more complex. He uses software to come up with the wording that will work best.

It’s not just do-it-yourselfers who can find the SEO rules confusing.

“There are a lot of website companies out there that can build beautiful websites, but the sites don’t do anything because they’re not optimized,” says Rzeszutek.

And SEO isn’t a one-time process; even after a site is live, ongoing SEO has to be performed for it to continue to be recognized by search engines. This can include both “on-page” (adding timely and relevant content to the site itself) and “off-page” SEO. The latter category includes all of the different triggers that alert search engines that the site exists, says Rzeszutek — including links to social media accounts, business registration with user review services like Yelp, etc.

“Search engines want to see activity about your business outside of your website,” he explains. This lets them know the business is relevant and active, and results in higher search rankings.

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