Arbor Computer Systems

Arbor Pocket Office software can be installed on cell phones. Update and download information from office computer for field use.


ArborSoftWorx Municipal is a database software application for municipal, city and campus arborists managing tree inventories.

Davey Tree Expert Co.

TreeKeeper 7.7 is designed to create flexible reports, provide a mapping system and manage tree inventories, calls from community residents and work orders.


The IML-Resistograph detects decay and rot in early and advanced stages by drilling through wood fibers and measuring the resistance.

Independent Protection

IPC manufactures lightning protection products, including parts designed specifically for tree installations.

Kenerson Group

TreeWorks municipal tree inventory software is ArcGIS-enabled and aids in tree management. LineWorks facilitates management of transmission rights-of-way.

Tree Management Systems

ArborGold Software’s Mobile Crew Portal option allows users to view and update daily work order and job information using any device with a Web connection.


The Tree Radar Unit System uses radar for noninvasive inspection of trees, detecting and mapping trunk decay and the layout and density of roots.