SHERRILLtree and David Driver of Xtreme Arborist Supply have entered into a multi-year partnership in which the two parties will develop, test and manufacture products to bring increased safety, efficiency and profitability to the tree care industry. The partnership encompasses the licensing of Driver’s existing products, the development of videos to teach and promote safe and effective use, and the creation of future innovations.

“SHERRILLtree looks forward to a long partnership with David. He is an innovator and a successful industry groundbreaker that we’re proud to collaborate with,” said Tripp Wyckoff, SHERRILLtree’s CEO and president. “David is a great technical writer and trainer who spends much of his time in the canopy doing the work that fuels his inventive passion for fresh creative products, techniques and methods that benefit our industry in many ways. Considering his unique perspective as a product developer, trainer, videographer, tree care pro and SHERRILLtree customer, we will benefit from David’s experience through hardcore testing SHERRILLtree products, elevating safety standards and raising the overall understanding of our customer’s everyday needs.”

For Driver, the partnership means that he will be able to quickly bring his ideas to market while climbing and running his tree service company, Arbor-X Inc.

“I’m super excited about the opportunity to work with SHERRILLtree… We will bring a lot of new innovation to the tree care professional and I can’t wait to see what our combined forces will be able to accomplish,” said Driver.

During this transition, there will be no interruption in the supply of existing Xtreme Arborist Supply products. Starting in mid-June 2015, X-Rings will be available to all customers directly from SHERRILLtree.