Take a look at these new products making an appearance in the tree care industry.

ArborOTCEffective Formulation and Delivery

Arborjet’s Arbor-OTC delivers an antibiotic punch via trunk injection into a tree’s xylem, where it is taken up by the vascular system and distributed throughout the plant to suppress disease-causing bacteria. Arbor-OTC is a water-soluble, injectable, systemic antibiotic for the annual suppression of bacterial diseases in non-food-bearing trees and palms. The new, easy-to-use container comes in two sizes: a one-ounce (28-gram) jar, perfect for treating 10 trees or palms at 10-inch diameter at breast height (DBH) in the same day. This container can be filled with water, covered and shaken, and then poured directly into the formulation tank on trunk injection equipment. For bigger projects, the five–ounce (140-gram) container makes enough Arbor-OTC to treat 50 trees or palms at 10-inch DBH.




LoftnessMore Horsepower, Enhanced Stability

Loftness Specialized Equipment’s new Kwik-Trim compact mechanical tree trimmer features an upgraded chassis and powertrain and offers more horsepower, increased stability and easier maintenance than the previous model. Equipped with a turbocharged 47.6-hp diesel engine, the Kwik-Trim meets Tier 4 compliance without requiring diesel exhaust fluid. Compared with the previous Kwik-Trim model, the new unit is approximately 800 pounds heavier with an operating footprint that is 7-inches wider and 7-inches longer. To further ease road transport, a new hose reel mount eliminates the need for external boom support during transport.



The 11.1-millimeter Tendril is built to perform consistently in wet and dry conditions with low elongation and balanced handling. Constructed with a softer feel, it is easy to grip with or without gloves. Less stiff than traditional static ropes, it runs smoothly with friction hitches or mechanical devices. Great as a positioning line or access line, the Tendril resists flattening or glazing even under heavy use.


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