The Rock Star has Arrived

Rock Exotica is now offering two new products: The rockStar 3D Rigging Plate and the Machined Rescue Pulley. The rockStar aids those working in dynamic environments by providing the floating anchor. This product alleviates the effect of torque on the rig plate by orienting it toward the applied forces. It simplifies the rigging and attachment of connectors by providing a variety of anchor point angles. It is machined from solid, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and weighs just 7.4 ounces. The Machined Rescue Pulley is another one of Rock Exotica’s latest innovations. This product’s recessed axle screw sits flush to pulley side-plates. Its machined parts make it strong, and the axel is integrated into side-plates, adding extra strength and rigidity to the pulley.

The Inside Scoop on Excavation

Guardair Corporation’s Air-Spade Division has introduced the new Utility Air-Spade 4000 Series Air-Excavation Tools. Using compressed air, they provide a fast and safe method of uncovering underground utilities without damage. Designed with operator safety in mind, they incorporate a high-voltage insulated barrel and non-sparking brass components to provide protection when working around underground electric and gas lines.

Split It Up

New from ECHO Bear Cat, the LS22 log splitter features a 169cc Subaru SP170 engine. It’s shipped with the 4-gallon hydraulic system filled with Dexron III rated automatic transmission fluid, which provides ease of operation on components in cold weather conditions. Storing the LS22 is easy and compact with the fold-up trailer tongue. The new model features a 30-inch bed height, giving the user a comfortable operating position. It can be used in horizontal or vertical position and features an engine guard plate and log stripper plate as standard equipment.

The Power Behind the CS-620P

ECHO introduces the CS-620P, a 59.8cc professional chain saw targeted to arborists, loggers and professional firewood operations. The CS-620P is based on the CS-600P, but has a modified engine to produce 13 percent more power. It is available in 18, 20, 24 and 27-inch bar lengths. Its companion model, the CS 620PW, features a wrap handle to give the user more options when felling a tree. The products both use a decompression valve to reduce the starting effort and digital ignition system, which automatically adjusts engine timing for performance. These products also feature tool-less air filter cover, G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner, two-piece air filter and see-through fuel tank.