Bandit Unleashes the Beast

Bandit has unveiled the newest XP-Series Beast Recyclers and Horizontal Grinders. Model 2680XP, 3680XP and 4680XP Beast Recyclers now feature angled front infeeds with larger infeed drive chains. Track Beasts feature height-adjustable pans for adjusting feed angle. A new rail system of the return side of the infeed replaces the roller system, significantly reducing load on the tail shaft. These machines also offer a new “Big Mouth” option that increases the height of the opening into the mill. An extra-large, 32-inch- diameter feed wheel is optional and includes a brush deflector to better direct material into the machine.

Suite New Addition

ArborSoftWorx has launched a new product offering in its suite of software management tools. ArborSoftWorx Earth Resources GIS (ERGIS) is a comprehensive, easy-to-use Geographic Information System. ArborSoftWorx ERGIS offers GIS functionality without the requirement of third-party GIS or CAD software. View and edit a wide range of vector and raster data layers, including support for enterprise GIS database layers. Detailed control over map appearance including colors, labels, fills, line styles, point symbols, thematic classifications, sub-layers and layer hierarchies. Display attributes at the feature level or for the entire layer at once. Custom map output and export.

ECHO’s Chain Gang

The latest addition to ECHO’s top-handle chain saw lineup is the CS-303T. This chain saw is based on the top handle chain saw design and works for the professional arborist, landscaper or utility company. The CS-303T uses a proven engine that has been redesigned for increased power, fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The saw is available with 12 and 14-inch bars and features an automatic and adjustable oiler, a side-access chain tensioner, a vibration reduction system, a purge bulb and an inertia chain brake.

For the Long Haul

New from Forestry Suppliers, this log hauler can transport logs up to 12 feet long and 24 inches in diameter. By using a leverage arch in conjunction with a worm gear winch, the log hauler can transport logs over the roughest terrain without leaving a drag trail.