Reach New Heights

Forestry Equipment of Virginia introduced the Inline Elevator. In combination with FEVA’s Terex Hi-Ranger XT60/70 lift, it will take you to heights of 75 feet. FEVA’s featured product is the Freightliner XT60/70 Inline on a 33K chassis. This new truck has all of FEVA’s standard safety components. Plus, with the newly designed lightweight scissors, it now has safer and easier access to the bucket. Another added feature is more storage space in the toolboxes. You can customize your Inline to include features like special paint colors, 4WD, your choice of transmissions and more. FEVA is offering this truck on International and Ford chassis.

Liquid Loadable Products

J.J. Mauget Co. introduced new products in its Liquid Loadable line of refillable microinjection chemical technologies. The system allows tree care professionals to pair their preferred injection systems with Mauget’s tree care chemistries. Mycoject Ultra antibiotic joined the Liquid Loadable application line, which already includes Imicide and Abacide 2 insecticides; Inject-a-Min Manganese, Inject-a-Min Iron and Zinc, and Stemix Plus fertilizers; and Arborfos fungicide. The Smart Shot Liquid Loadable system is a low-pressure approach to microinjection that minimizes the risk of permanent injuries associated with high-pressure injection systems. Smart Shot is available in 3 to 6-milliliter and 5 to 10-milliliter units. In addition, all Mauget tree care chemistries are now available in round-bottom bottles.

Grip It and Rip It

The Timberline tree and post puller attachment from Sidney Mfg. is designed to hydraulically grip trees and can remove up to 8-inch- diameter trees, root system and all. It is reinforced throughout to withstand rigorous use. The serrated power jaw opens to 10 inches to handle a variety of materials. The 2-by-8-inch hydraulic cylinder is rated for 3,000 PSIG, and hydraulic hoses are included. It has a universal quick coupler for skid steers, tractor mounts and more. A guard to hold branches away from the machine operator is available.

Multipurpose Grapple

CEAttachments now offers the EDGE Rotating Log Puller Grapple attachment for skid steer and track loaders. Operators can use this multipurpose attachment to load, unload and transport material up to 1,500 pounds. The spring-centered grapple rotates up to 180 degrees for grabbing material at different angles. It has spring-centered return, lateral lock and in-line lock positions. The serrated cradle of the grapple steadies materials in-line for straight-on loading, transport and controlled placement. The grapple tines open to a maximum of 39 inches and fold together as tight as 3 inches in diameter. This attachment comes complete with a hose saver kit attached to the frame, hoses and flat face couplers.