Bandit’s Model 2650 is a versatile grinder ideal for backyard use, but powerful enough to tackle large stumps and land-clearing projects. Featuring a 61 hp, Tier 4i diesel engine, this four-wheel drive grinder comes with a 24.75-inch-diameter Revolution wheel with beltless hydrostatic drive. Manual controls are standard, but a wireless remote control option is available. It rides on an expandable track undercarriage or on all-terrain flotation tires.


ArborSystems’ Pointle Palm Injection Tip is a quick-connect injection tip for the Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Treatment System. The 3-inch-long tip has a pointed end that aids entry into tough palm husks. The tip design was developed to penetrate a palm’s outer husk and deliver chemical into the inner active layers. The openings along the tip are recessed to minimize clogging caused by plant material. The ArborSystems Tip Setter is used to set and remove the tip.


ECHO’s new CS-370F and CS-400F chain saws are based on the CS-370 and CS-400, but feature the new FasTension Tool-less Chain Tensioning System. The FasTension System makes chain tension adjustments or bar and chain replacements without a scrench or tightening tool. A rotating lever takes the place of locking nuts and a tensioning wheel replaces an adjustment screw. The CS-370F is equipped with a 16-inch bar and the CS-400F comes with an 18-inch bar.

Paladin Attachments

Paladin Attachments has partnered with Star Hill Solutions Inc. to introduce the Bradco JAWZ Grabbing Tool. This vegetation management attachment provides a quick, easy, eco-friendly way to remove invasive trees and shrubs, complete with roots. The attachment features a patented set of T1 steel fingers (pinchers) powered by dual cylinders that grab the tree/shrub trunk with just the right amount of force to take advantage of the lifting power and leverage from a skid steer or compact tractor. For more compact jobs the new Bradco Mini-JAWS mounts on a compact tool carrier.


The new vertical-lift path Terex TSV-90 skid steer loader offers operators an 85 hp Tier 4-interim-compliant Cummins turbocharged engine, 3,375 pounds of rated operating capacity and 131 inches of lift height. Built on a robust chassis that boasts 10.5 inches of ground clearance and a 25.5-degree angle of departure, the TSV-90 loader is able to work on soft, uneven terrain and slopes.


MapCentrix is a new mapping software designed by an arborist, for arborists. The software allows arborists to map their clients’ trees and track individual tree histories and stats. Photos can be attached and annotated with notes and instructions. MapCentrix also simplifies invoicing by providing QuickBooks integration to expedite billing and payment. The software also streamlines the proposal process.


Fleetmatics provides fleet management solutions for small and mid-size businesses, providing real-time snapshots of vehicle activity and maintenance needs 24 hours a day. Using the fleet tracking dashboard, business owners can monitor the location of fleet vehicles; historical status of each vehicle, including when it started up and shut down, as well as its idling status, location and speed; and preventative maintenance information.

Continental Biomass Industries (CBI)

CBI introduces the Magnum Force 5800, a midsized upswing grinder designed to meet specific size constraints without compromising strength or performance. The offset helix rotor, anvil, screen designs and dimensions remain similar to the CBI 6800, but the rotor width is decreased to produce a machine with a total width under 8.5 feet. The end result is a high-volume grinder weighing 64,850 pounds.

Buckingham Mfg.

Buckingham introduces the new Choking Lanyard, which is made from the same 7/16-inch uniline used on the Buck RigidLine, except the rope is doubled for extra rigidity, cut resistance and surface area. A large aluminum ring on the end allows for easy hook up to the saddle with a carabiner. When used with the 705A1 Prusik, the climbing line can be fed through to allow a choke on the tree. This provides fall protection during a gaff out or an escape option if you have to quickly descend the tree.


Doggett’s slow-release fertilizer formulations are now available in easy-application liquids. Their 100 percent soluble liquid Arbor 20-0-6 is a complete fertilizer package with micronutrients and a 50 percent slow-release formulation. Fall Arbor 6-12-12 stimulates and strengthens the root system without pushing top growth.


Morbark’s new Beever M15RX brush chipper has a 15-inch capacity and features a patented chambered air impeller system to increase chip throwing velocity and reduce dust and material blowback out the infeed to pack more into the chip truck. The powerful TorqMax top feed wheel compression system generates more than 3,400 pounds per square foot of material pulling force.

Sterling Rope

Introducing the new Tendril Climbing line, Sterling’s first arbor-specific climbing line. Sterling developed the new 11.6 mm double braid with the input and feedback of field arborists who asked for a smooth- handling, all-conditions climbing line with low elongation. Meets CE and ANSI certifications.

Iron & Oak

The BHVH2613GX log splitter allows for horizontal or vertical operation, offers a 26-ton splitting force and comes standard with log dislodger. Cycle time is just 12 seconds. Powered by a Honda GX270 engine, the BHVH2613GX has a 25-inch log opening, 6-inch heavy-duty formed steel beam, 6-inch high-carbon steel wedge and a 4.5-by-24-inch clevis cylinder.