All Gear

Ice storms, wind storms and hurricanes all do damage to valuable trees. All Gear’s Branch Saver is an adjustable product for bracing limbs and giving them extra support when stress hits them. This cabling system can easily be spliced into a self-locking support system. It now comes in a .5-inch version with tensile strength of 6,000 pounds. The .75-inch version has tensile strength of 10,600 pounds. Both come in 300-foot lengths.


For arborists treating a large quantity of trees, the VIPER Hydraulic Kit is the ideal Arborjet tool. Get more work done with less downtime with the larger air tank, improved regulator and enhanced valve assemblies. These enhancements can be purchased separately as an upgrade on existing models (pre-2012) and will be included as standard equipment on all kits purchased this year.


The new label for Shepherd fungicide now includes Diplodia tip blight, powdery mildew and flower blight in addition to the previously labeled conditions of oak wilt, Dutch elm disease and other tree diseases. Conifers can now be successfully trunk-injected with the Wedgle Direct-Inject System and Portle Injection Tips, eliminating the need to spray trees. One application provides protection for all of the following year.

Bandit Industries

Joining Bandit’s comprehensive line of stump grinders for 2012 is the Model 2250XP hydrostatic stump grinder. It brings beltless hydrostatic drive usually reserved for larger machines to a small, compact, highly productive stump grinder. With no belts to worry about, maintenance costs and machine downtime are reduced, leading to greater production and better stump grinding profits. It is self-propelled and features a 50-inch swing arc, yet at 35 inches wide it’s easily maneuverable for working in close quarters.


The Series II track feller buncher offers smooth hydraulic performance, better fuel economy, a comfortable operator station and better visibility. The Cat 541 II and 552 II are full-tail-swing machines featuring new compensator valve spools in both the implement and travel valve sections. The hydraulics can be configured for high or low-flow attachments. The Cat C9 ACERT engine meets EPA emission regulations. Three-speed travel contributes to increased productivity. The operator station features ergonomic joysticks, adjustable air-ride seat, side window with screen and HVAC system with updated air ducts.


The EDGE Pallet Fork Frame with Grapple features a single-cylinder grapple with a unique jaw action that pulls material toward the frame as the jaw closes. The Class II frame offers four optional settings where the cylinder is pinned to the grapple, which maximizes the opening and closing force and ability. The positions can be changed in minutes and allow the grapple to close down below the tines or open wider than the frame. It can carry up to 5,000 pounds, has an overall width of 47 inches, opens up to 56 inches and comes complete with hoses and flat-faced couplers.


ClearSpan Fabric Structures are a fast, economical solution for landscaping equipment, mulch and wood chip storage. ClearSpan’s Hercules Truss Arch Buildings feature exceptional height and wide-open spaces with ample clearance for equipment access. Made in the U.S., these buildings can be built to any length and up to 300 feet wide.


The CS-600P chain saw features the Performance Cutting System, consisting of a professional-quality bar and high-performance chain, 59.8cc engine, heavy-duty air filter, decompression valve, dual post chain brake handle, side-access chain tensioner, clutch-driven oiler and computerized ignition advance for automatic engine timing adjustments. The piston, cylinder and ignition module have been redesigned, providing a 10 percent increase in power and torque through the cutting rpm. These changes also reduce emission levels by 40 percent and improve fuel economy by 10 percent. It is available in 16, 20, 24 and 27-inch bar and chain lengths.


Fecon introduced several performance advancements in its new BH300 Bull Hog mulching attachment for 200 to 600 hp tractors. It comes standard with the patented HDT Step Rotor system, two cutting diameters and staggered tool pattern for optimal cutting efficiency. Hydraulically powered with 80 to 210 GPM, the BH300 has both fixed and variable displacement motor options. A PTO version is available for tractors from 200 to 450 hp. The severe-duty body features an abrasion-resistant AR400 bulkhead and weighs about 7,710 pounds. Standard features include a hydraulic trapdoor and a double curtain of heavy debris chain at the rear. An optional hydraulic tilting push bar is available.

Fred Marvin Associates

The Bull QCB pruner head is built on a double pulley system for even more leverage. The Bull pruner is made with reinforced parts. It features a 1.75-inch cut, adapter and 15 feet of 3/8-inch rope. The QCB easily inserts into the female ferrule of your extension pole. All parts are replaceable.

Giuffre Bros. Cranes

The Terex BT 3870 is a 19-ton crane that has 80 feet of tip height. An optional 40-foot jib brings the tip height to 120 feet. It features behind-cab mounting with an enhanced dual operator console along with an electronic load moment indicator.

Green Pro Solutions

Entry level/specialty sprayers can go anywhere and spray anything. They feature a 30-gallon tank and a Hypro pump that produces 9.5 GPM at 560 PSI. A TGR injection kit is optional, and the capacity can be increased with a nurse tank. The sprayer fits in your vehicle’s receiver tube.


The 562XP combines a slender design with high performance. An advanced version of Husqvarna’s X-Torq engine technology produces high power, the new RevBoost features makes delimbing more efficient, and AutoTune, another new feature, ensures that the engine always runs perfectly. Plus, with a large air filter and capacity for 28-inch guide bars, this saw can handle difficult duties in demanding conditions.

Jarraff Industries

The Mini-Jarraff rear lot trimmer is designed for rural, urban and residential trimming and line maintenance operations. The unit requires no outriggers for operation. A minimal footprint and compact profile also let the Mini-Jarraff travel and operate in areas where only climbing crews could go before. It has a 36-inch traveling width and a self-leveling carrier. It offers a dynamic range of operation, including a near-360-degree rotation and 20-degree lateral tilt. The boom delivers a 55-foot vertical reach. The wireless remote system gives the user complete control of the unit and can be operated safely at a distance of up to 300 feet.


The Jonsered CS 2166 has a new, clean-running, fuel-efficient engine, optimized to output more torque over a wider rpm range. It is engineered to provide stronger cutting power at lower rpm when the saw is under load. It also has a new, large-diameter top handle for greater operating comfort and control. Other features include a top-mounted decompression valve, side-access chain tension adjustment and an easy-access snap lock air filter cover.

JP Carlton

The SP4012TRX stump cutter couples a hydraulic-controlled, self-propelled grinder with a rubber track undercarriage. It offers Kohler, Subaru, Vanguard and Kubota engines from 27 to 44 hp. It is available with lever controls, wired remote control or wireless remote control. The rubber high track system incorporates multiple idler rollers and spring tensioning to keep the track at optimal efficiency for running and tracking characteristics. The track system provides a stable grinding platform, traction and high flotation to minimize ground pressure and disturbance.


The new knife grinder with 27.5-inch grinding capacity offers many standard features. The stroke adjusts from 1 to 27.5 inches. The unit is equipped with push-button controls and a knife bar that swivels mechanically from 0 to 90 degrees. Weighing in at 690 pounds, the grinder is 60 5/8 inches long, 51 1/8 inches tall and 27.5 inches deep. It’s wired with 240 volts and has a 1 hp spindle motor, 60-watt traverse motor and tool storage cabinet.


The new G 42 SP stump grinder is a self-propelled unit equipped with a 27 or 38 hp gas engine, 42-inch-wide boom arc swing and all-steel construction. It is compact and ideal for grinding smaller stumps. Standard equipment includes comfort-grip fingertip controls, an electric clutch with cutting system brake, three cutting system options and high-gloss Morthane paint.

New England Ropes

Escalator is a new ascent line with ultra-low stretch, a polyester jacket and an innovative triple-fiber core that contains aramid, HMPE and polyolefin fibers. It is available in 600-foot lengths, in white with black and green or white with black and orange. The 7/16-inch rope has a tensile strength of 8,000 pounds and offers very little degradation from sunlight and good resistance to the passage of electrical current.

PK Products

Aluminum-framed, UTV-mounted sprayers are suitable for a range of applications. Spray height adjustment is accomplished without the need for additional tools. The sprayers come in 40, 60 and 68-gallon models, and the frames are durable and corrosion-resistant. Each sprayer comes standard with a coiled hose, spray gun with adjustable tip and self-priming pumps. Tanks come standard with an easy-to-read liter/gallon fluid gauge and a 5-inch lid with screen and tether.


Rayco’s newly designed 12-inch capacity chipper offers an economical solution to the rising price of diesel fuel and the hassle of dealing with diesel emission regulations. The gas-powered chipper is compact and lightweight at just under 4,700 pounds. It is powered by an 89 hp GM gas engine and equipped with a spring-adjusted AutoClutch. The X-Charge discharge fan maximizes discharge velocity to prevent plugging. The 20-inch diameter feed wheel is driven by a planetary hydraulic drive motor with torque to climb over logs and pull in brush. The chipper throat is 20 inches wide.

Ryan’s Equipment

The Kraken wood splitter will split large logs into manageable sizes for firewood processors, grinders or chippers. Weighing 1,300 pounds, it features 110-degree rotation and a 5-by-24-inch cylinder with 3-inch rod.


The Rotochopper LS-28 log splitter loader attachment is designed to maximize wood grinder or chipper efficiency by splitting oversized round wood prior to processing. The LS-28 can be mounted on an excavator, skid steer or other handling equipment with adequate auxiliary hydraulics. Presplitting round wood with an LS-28 can help minimize grinding or chipping costs, in addition to accelerating natural air drying.

Silky Saws

The Tsurugi is a tree saw that utilizes advanced materials to deliver a durable, slender spine of teeth, designed to cut even in tight quarters. The lightweight, well-balanced saw includes an aluminum scabbard that can be attached to the belt or leg. It is available with 200, 300 and 400-millimeter blade lengths. /td>

Terex Utilities

The SCM48, SCM50 and SCM55 overcenter material handling models are part of the Hi-Ranger aerial device equipment lineup. The lower boom cylinder design offers more open bed space and an overall height under 11 feet on a 40-inch frame. The Tri-Link elbow design offers easy access to bushings and bearings. There are no lift chains or cables, and a mandatory overhaul is not required during the truck’s lifetime. All models have a gross vehicle weight rating of 31,000 pounds. They have working heights of 53, 55 and 60 feet. The SCM Series comes standard with a side-mount, one-person, 700-pound capacity platform.


The new PT-30 compact track loader is designed with a 26 percent increase in lift height, 16 percent increase in operating capacity and 45 percent increase in bucket rollback. The 4-foot profile offers productive work in limited-access areas. The 33.7 hp PT-30 offers an operating weight of 3,600 pounds, tipping load of 1,900 pounds, with a 950-pound operating capacity at 50 percent of tipping load capacity, and a lift height of 101 inches. It comes standard with a loader-mounted quick-attach interface. Posi-Track undercarriage technology and suspension provide more traction and higher flotation. It is also available with turf tracks.

Wood-Mizer Products

The LT35 manual sawmill combines full electronic head controls with manual log handling. The open-sided cantilever head makes it possible to tackle odd-shaped logs, and the monorail bed makes setup easy.