The newest discharge conveyor from Bandit Industries, Inc. offers an option for Beast-XP Series recyclers that provides both a 30-foot-discharge conveyor and a thrower, so operators can load both open top and end-loading trailers.

The 30-foot conveyor acts like a standard discharge on the Beast – providing a tall platform to pile mulch, chips, or other products or load them in open-top trucks. With the thrower, operators can easily broadcast the end product across a jobsite or load open-end trailers quickly and efficiently.

“This is a unique option. No one in the industry has such a device,” said Bandit Industries President Jerry Morey. “The switch from discharge conveyor to the thrower is quick, taking less than a minute. The 30-foot-discharge conveyor is a two-section discharge. When the thrower is operated, the end section of the discharge folds up over the top of the first conveyor and out of the way. The thrower is then hydraulically tilted into position. When the thrower is in place, material is top-loaded into the thrower and discharged at tremendous velocity.”

When in use, the thrower is adjustable up-and-down, and can swivel side-to-side to direct the flow of material to fully load chip trailers.