Arborjet now offers a new solution to improve transplant success and protect transplants from drought stress and shock, with NutriRoot. A two-component formulation designed for water management and nutritional supplementation, NutriRoot can be used at planting or as maintenance for trees, shrubs, landscape plants, and turf. NutriRoot promotes root growth, reduces watering, and feeds roots all season long.

Unlike most products currently available on the market that are purely nutrient-based or just a standalone water management product, NutriRoot combines these two elements into one easy and effective treatment. In field trials, root mass was doubled on plants treated with NutriRoot. This enables new and mature plantings to more easily extract and retain water from the air and the soil, reducing the need for watering and resulting in successful plantings and transplants, even in drought conditions.

“In keeping with Arborjet’s commitment to offering innovative remedies that nurture plants, we are excited to offer NutriRoot,” said Russ Davis, President and COO of Arborjet. “We specifically designed this unique product to increase transplant success and combat water management issues, which has become even more critical in areas where drought is now an ongoing concern.”

NutriRoot is a unique blend of essential minerals, seaweed extract, humates, surfactants and humectants designed to increase root development and reduce water stress in plants, trees, shrubs and lawns. NutriRoot is best used at initial installation to aid in establishing a strong root system for young plantings. It can be applied monthly throughout the growing season, particularly in hot, dry months to alleviate water stress in trees and landscape plants.

Treatment uses include root development, transplant success, water stress management, nutrient deficiencies, sandy soils, dry soil conditions or seasonal stress.