Thursday’s afternoon arborist-centric learning seminar at New England GROWS, the three-day green industry conference & expo held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, dealt with the predator at our door: the destructive Emerald Ash Borer.

Cliff Sadof Ph.D., professor of ornamental pest management at Purdue University, was the seminar’s speaker and moderator. Sadof is a national expert on the EAB.

As the EAB makes its way across New England, it has the potential to destroy every native ash tree in its path. It has been found in 24 states, has killed millions of ash trees, and according to Sadof, is the most destructive forest pest the United States has ever known.

As was published in Tree Services magazine in January, there are many proven and effective ways to fight the pest.

Notable from Sadof’s presentation at New England GROWS was the fact that the EAB was recently confirmed found in a white fringe tree in Dayton, Ohio. More information can be found on the white fringe tree here.

Sadof does not anticipate the EAB to “switch hosts” anytime soon, but this is a matter worth watching, as the EAB “is a bug and will do what it will do,” Sadoff explained.

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