AirSpade, a division of Guardair Corporation, has launched its brand new e-commerce website. Customers can now review, select and purchase AirSpade air excavation tools online.

Harnessing the power of compressed air, AirSpade quickly and efficiently excavates soil covering sensitive underground objects without damage. Featuring a patented supersonic nozzle that generates airflow of Mach 2, the AirSpade fractures and dislodges the soil, but leaves tree roots, cables, and metal and plastic pipes unharmed.

“We’re excited to bring AirSpade products to the online market,” said Thomas Tremblay, president of Guardair. “We understand that Guardair has a responsibility to make our tools readily available because of the increased productivity that AirSpade provides in the space of a short working season. Online ordering makes procurement of the right tool easier for arborists, landscape professionals, and our large institutional customers, such as universities.”

Using the simple and secure platform, customers can easily review the AirSpade product line and select the ideal tool—along with any needed accessories—for the job.