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New Engine Option

The Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer will now be available with a Tier III Cummins liquid-cooled, 130 hp, electronic-controlled engine. The increased horsepower will improve the unit’s grade-climbing abilities and current emissions rating. The Tier III engine option is available in the 4×4 wheeled Jarraff configuration only. A Tier II engine option 97 hp Deutz diesel is still available in both wheeled and track configurations. A track Jarraff with a Cummins engine will be available later this summer.


<h3>Reach Hi</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.ceattachments.com">www.ceattachments.com</a>

Reach Hi

The EDGE Hi-Reach Tree Clipper from CEAttachments now has an improved reinforced steel shear head frame that helps keep blades from flexing, and greasable hardened pivot points. Its 6-foot reach and 100-degree cutting head rotation means you’ll keep clear of brush and thorns when using this tree shear. An in-cab electronic control box rotates the shear head, while the powerful jaws of the Clipper make a smooth cut on hardwoods up to 9 inches in diameter, even at ground level. Its long reach and standard power tilt system allow easy access for removal of trees, branches and brush. Comes complete with hoses and flat face couplers.


<h3>Add Dump Capabilities to Your Pickup</h3> - <a target="_blank" href="http://www.buyersproducts.com">www.buyersproducts.com</a>

Add Dump Capabilities to Your Pickup

DumperDogg dump inserts from Buyers Products are available in 12-gauge steel and 304 stainless steel for both 6- and 8-foot pickup truck beds, as well as in polymer for 8-foot truck beds. The steel and stainless steel inserts have a 2-cubic-yard capacity in the 8-foot truck insert and a 1.5-cubic-yard capacity in the 6-foot insert. The polymer insert has a 1.6-cubic-yard capacity.

DumperDogg inserts feature a structural steel frame with a black powder-coat finish for corrosion resistance, and sturdy .75-inch tailgate hinge pins provide support for the inserts’ payload capacity of 6,000 pounds. The 1.5-kilowatt motor for the hydraulic pump can be operated from inside the truck cab using the tethered control box for power-up and power-down. Dump angles on the inserts range from zero to 40 degrees.

DumperDogg inserts also come standard with safety features that include a manual safety bar and tailgate chains.


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Going Green

Green Manufacturing, makers of Greenteeth stump grinding teeth, introduce the new Greenwheel cutter wheel for stump grinders up to 35 hp. The Greenwheel, available in spring of this year, has only two holders, six teeth and is 100 percent CNC machined for a smooth, consistent cut with virtually no jumping, significant reduction of wheel vibration, reduced parts required, reduced nut and wheel wear, virtually no bolt breakage and replaceable pockets.